In February, Minister of Interior Sar Kheng received 97 new inquiries and requests from citizens through his personal Facebook page, the minister said on March 18.

“Our response team has responded to and resolved 16 cases, while another 106 are in the process of resolution,” he said in a statement, counting cases left over from January.

“On the other hand, some of the other inquiries and requests were found to be irrelevant to the operations of the interior ministry and have been forwarded to the pertinent institutions.”

There were 576 outstanding cases from 2021, he added, but in February his team resolved 14 of them.

Sar Kheng praised the team for their efforts in responding to the inquiries, and their cooperation with officials at the interior ministry, as well as other national and sub-national authorities.

“I thank our compatriots for posting comments and requests to me through my Facebook page so that we can seek resolution outside of the court system, which could improve the livelihoods of our people and societal development,” he said.

The minister also apologised to those whose inquiries and requests had yet to receive a response, saying only that some cases need more time to resolve.