Siem Reap provincial administration held a June 22 meeting to seek positive outcomes for the province’s homeless and begging population. The attendees noted that many of the unhoused population suffered from mental health issues, or were living with disabilities.

Deputy provincial governor Neak Neron instructed the Siem Reap town administration, police and commune officials to conduct a census of the said groups so the authorities can provide assistance and support to them.

The administration said preliminary figures suggested that 210 homeless beggars had been seen on the streets of Siem Reap, 143 of them children. Some of them were collecting garbage for recycling, although the authorities reported that some of the homeless appeared to be drug users.

From January to June 20, a provincial administration working group spoke with 48 homeless people and beggars. 13 of them were admitted to a rehabilitation centre in Teuk Vil commune of Siem Reap town, while 17 were sent to a mental health facility in in Kandal province's Kandal Stung district. Those who were disabled were offered separate assistance.

Neron noted that most beggars and homeless people in Siem Reap come are from other provinces. He highlighted the importance of rehabilitation before integrating them back into society.