Three markets in Siem Reap town that have been placed in lockdown for several weeks due to Covid-19 will reopen soon. The markets have had a soft opening for three days after the situation eased.

Town governor Nuon Putheara said while inspecting the markets on October 17 that the establishments – Samaki-Huy Kaing, Leu Thom Thmei and Samdech Techo Hun Sen Doeum Kralanh – will reopen after having been shut several times.

“The tentative reopening of the markets for three days went well in compliance with authorities’ instructions while vaccination rates of the people against Covid-19 are also high,” he said.

He added that vaccinations are part of the reason to gradually reopen the economy.

Provincial governor Tea Seiha also said upon the inspection that the percentage of vaccinated people in the province had prompted the provincial administration to reopen the economy and address people’s livelihoods.

“Learning to live with Covid-19 is a stepping stone to a goal where we can say that Covid-19 was just a crisis and a lesson from the past,” he said.

A date to formally reopen the markets has not been set by the governor, but the inspection gave a green light to reopen in the near future.

The provincial administration said a joint working group on October 11 instructed vendors about the benefits of using the “Stop Covid” QR Code scanning system as it assists in controlling and tracking the spread of Covid-19. This measure could prevent any future closing of markets when infections are detected and is part of the new mechanism.