The 38-road expansion project in Siem Reap town is now 100 per cent complete, while the installation of accompanying infrastructure such as street lights and security cameras is now 70 per cent finished, according to Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol.

Chanthol said a formal inauguration ceremony was planned for the near future.

“We have completed 100 per cent of the 38 roads. The installation of light poles, traffic lights and cameras is 72 per cent complete, but overall the roads are 100 per cent done on schedule,” he said during an inspection on January 9.

Chanthol called on the public to take care of the roads, drainage and sewage system spanning 250km that was also built. He noted that 200 security cameras, 20 traffic lights and 5,300 street lights have also been installed along with 3,125 trees that were planted to beautify the town.

Two roads from the Sokha Hotel intersection to the airport with a length of 5km remain under construction and are scheduled to be completed by late January 2022 at a cost of about $9 million. The other route from the Sokha Hotel intersection to Sivatha Road is more than 1,500m long and was just completed.

Institute for Road Safety director Kong Ratanak said the inspection of the roads by the minister showed that it was a government priority to improve the quality and prevent negligent construction that is not compliant with technical standards.

“Supporting and encouraging development like this provides a good example to other public institutions and they’ve shown transparency and responsible use of government funds by setting construction deadlines and achieving them for the most part.

“Road projects like this will bring a huge benefit to individuals and society over the long term,” he said.

According to the ministry, the 38 roads have a total length of over 106km and cost the national budget $149.21 million, with $9 million of that spent on the drainage and sewage systems as part of the project.