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SingMeng Telemedia leading you into new digital era

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SingMeng Telemedia.

SingMeng Telemedia leading you into new digital era

For Cambodian consumers, the market for Internet service and television can be dizzying, with every company seemingly offering similar products. SingMeng Telemedia, however, is giving its customers an innovative One-stop Triple Play solution focusing on quality of experience, says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sarah Wang, and it is set to launch the first 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) television service in the country next month.

“This is a new digital era. We are very glad to be part of it in Cambodia,” she says.

What SingMeng offers begins with its “backbone” – the latest DWDM and more than 6,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable, which allows it to provide the fastest and most reliable Internet and streaming speed in the country. Everything runs off fiber optic, which is now in every province – making it possible to lead a digital lifestyle in Cambodia. The company was re-launched in April 2016 and has since been developing an integrated suite of services that interact and complement each other.

The “Triple Play” offers customers features like High Speed Internet – both at home and for businesses like hotels, casinos, banks, and others – as well as an over-the-top (OTT) Smart TV, an interactive entertainment platform with massive contents, around 120 television channels, games, video-on-demand and direct access to YouTube and Google search and many more. Rounding out the Triple Play is the VoIP telephone service allowing customers to make local and international calls at a very affordable rate.

On top of this, subscribers with the full package can also access SingMeng’s Smart Community services. With this feature, the residents and manager of a large hotel or huge residential complex – One Park, for example – can interact with each other and easily coordinate events, promote services, bill payment and any other logistics. This is the first in the Cambodian market and becoming the trend.

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“Technology development is part of civilization evolution,” Wang says. “The purpose is to make people’s life easier, not more difficult. That’s exactly what is happening in this industry and here at SingMeng.”

Wang says that SingMeng has rooted itself in Cambodia – targeting local clientele, hiring nearly 95 percent local staff and partnering with local companies– while bringing international standards and an international mindset to the telecom sector. Innovation, she says, is the key, with new ideas, professional development and education actively supported.

“I really like the culture here. I used to work in big global companies, where as this is more an innovation house. We are a young, fast learning company,” she says.

This innovation is apparent in the diversity of SingMeng’s products just one year and a half since its re-launch. It is set to launch its new 4K UHD TV service in December – by far the highest resolution available in Cambodia and four times the quality of a 1080 pixels picture, which is currently considered HD in Cambodia.

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“Do those extra pixels matter?” Wang asks. “They matter very much as the more pixels mean more information. The more information means sharper picture, and the sharper picture means more engaging content. More engaging content is more fun. And more fun…well fun is the thing, right?”

As Cambodia continues to develop, Wang and her team’s goal is to provide cutting-edge technologies to a local clientele in a way that adds value, ease and fun to their lives. “Nowadays, the technology enables one single fiber to carry Triple Play service of Internet, video and voice at a much better quality than old solutions,” she says.

“Triple Play and Smart solutions remove the constraints of the old way of doing things. It opens doors to a new digital experience, faster, more reliable and more enjoyable. This is what we have been pursuing, and I do think it’s time to take our customers’ experience to next level.”