Six Cambodians studying in Sudan – where fighting raged on April 26 despite a temporary ceasefire agreement between warring factions amid power struggle – are staying in a safe place with Malaysian nationals awaiting evacuation, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Ministry spokesman An Sokkhoeurn said via his Telegram press channel on April 25 that the six Cambodian students, two of them women, were studying at a university in Sudan’s capital Khartoum.

After the armed conflict broke out in Khartoum in mid-April, the university rounded up all students from different countries inside the campus, he said.

“Having reached out to the students there … through our facilitation with the Malaysian embassy and communication with our embassy in Egypt’s capital Cairo, we’ve determined that they are currently staying in a safe place with Malaysian students awaiting evacuation, which is expected soon,” Sokkhoeurn added.

He said the Malaysian government has been working with all relevant sides on organising flights to bring those who are stranded out of the northeast African nation.

Prime Minister Hun Sen on April 24 instructed Senior Minister in charge of Special Missions Othsman Hassan to liaise with his Malaysian counterparts to coordinate the evacuation of the six Cambodian citizens.