Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology Lim Kean Hor on January 20 asked South Korea to assist the ministry with technical aspects in relation to satellite systems, meteorology, hydrology and human resource training.

Kean Hor made the request at a meeting with South Korean parliamentarian Lim Jong-seong, Asia Water Council secretary-general Dr Cho Yong-deok, UN Development Programme (UNDP) Cambodia resident representative Alissar Chaker and her colleagues, at the ministry.

“Lim will convey this request to the Korean government, and in the future, Korea will work together on water resource issues, not just for Cambodia, but also all of Asia,” the ministry stated.

Participants of the meeting also discussed stepping up cooperation and resolutions to water issues in Cambodia, and Asia as a whole.

At the meeting, the minister highlighted the long history of “good” Cambodia-South Korean relations that he said have only improved and deepened over time, and expressed appreciation for the East Asian country’s continued support for economic development in the Kingdom, especially as pertaining to the water resources domain.

Kean Hor also brought up the ministry’s “remarkable” achievements and continued work within its scope to ensure water security and sustainable development, as well as to tackle climate change-linked challenges.

Lim voiced appreciation for the ministry’s accomplishments and efforts in the common mission of improving development and economic growth in Cambodia.

He underscored that South Korea has been a significant driver of water resource development in Cambodia, and has made a host of positive contributions to overall development.