The South Korean embassy in Phnom Penh held an orientation on August 17 for students selected for its government-sponsored scholarships.

This year, 28 students, comprising 27 pursuing master's degrees and one pursuing a doctorate, have been chosen for this postgraduate scholarship initiative. They are set to depart Phnom Penh for Korea later this month.

Attending the event were students who had secured both master's and doctoral scholarships. Representatives of the Korean alumni in Cambodia, who have since graduated from Korean universities and returned to serve in various sectors across the nation, were also present.

South Korean ambassador to Cambodia Park Jung-wook, who presided over the ceremony, offered his congratulations to the winners.

"I anticipate that you will acquire knowledge, skills and experience in Korea, and with these, you will thrive in the years to come," he stated.

Noeum Sokvichhai, an alumnus of the scholarship scheme who attained his master's in 2014, imparted words of encouragement to the new recipients.

"Remember, while in South Korea, you stand as representatives of Cambodia. Likewise, upon your return to Cambodia, you will symbolise South Korea," he advised.

Mork Chansokol, another scholarship beneficiary pursuing a master's degree, shared her ambitions.

"I have my sights set on Business Administration at Soongsil University. Once I earn my master's, my aspiration is to bolster the ties between South Korea and Cambodia. This I intend to do by encouraging Korean investments in Cambodia and facilitating new job opportunities here," she said.

The objective behind the South Korean government scholarship initiative is two-fold. It aims to foster international educational collaborations and to strengthen global friendships. It presents overseas students with chances to further their studies at esteemed institutions in Korea.

Beyond the academic provisions, the scholarship scheme also bestows several other advantages on its beneficiaries. These include return air tickets, fees for Korean language training, tuition fee waivers, medical insurance and a stipend for living expenses.

Recently, the South Korean government has extended scholarship opportunities to nearly 300 Cambodian students. Moreover, in both 2022 and 2023, its embassy in Phnom Penh organised reunions for those who had studied in Korea. These events were aimed at cultivating a robust network among the alumni throughout Cambodia.