Booyoung Group has donated 200 new buses to the Phnom Penh administration to help improve public transport services in the city.

The handover ceremony was held on February 28 and attended by Park Jung-Wook, ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Lee Joong Keun, chairman of the board of the Booyoung Group and Khuong Sreng, governor of Phnom Penh.

Lee said that Phnom Penh has developed surprisingly rapidly, which has made alleviating traffic congestion grow as a problem and it has become a priority that the Phnom Penh authorities are paying close attention to in order to facilitate better travel for people.

“The reason we are providing 200 new buses to the capital administration is to help solve traffic congestion in Phnom Penh, especially to reduce the risk to travelers by enabling them to switch from riding a motorbike in the heat of the day to sitting in a comfortable bus as passengers where they can also read a book,” he said.

Sreng said that by solving traffic problems in addition to expanding the infrastructure system, especially the construction of many flyovers to reduce congestion, the Phnom Penh Municipal Authority has launched new types of public bus services, like service to Takhmao town in Kandal province, which allows people to travel without using their own vehicle and with lower costs.

He said that the assistance provided by the company’s donation of new buses is a demonstration of the improved relations and cooperation between the governments of Korea and Cambodia.

“If there is no bus service, the traffic situation in Phnom Penh will become more congested, so these 200 new buses will contribute to minimizing the use of personal vehicles,” he said.

Keo Channarith, director of Phnom Penh Citybus, said that the donation by Booyoung Group to the capital administration will help make the city more beautiful and increase the efficiency of the public transport routes and make them more comprehensive in reach.

Park said that Cambodia and Korea have had economic and cultural cooperation since 1997, and that the donation of the 200 buses is a symbol of the two countries’ friendship.

Booyoung Group is one of the biggest South Korean companies that has invested in Cambodia and contributed to the economic and social benefits of the Cambodian people.

The representative of Booyoung Group said that the company is very proud and happy to contribute to the socio-economic development and poverty alleviation efforts for the Cambodian people in Phnom Penh as well as across the country.

Booyoung Group is committed to expanding its investments here to contribute to improving the economy and livelihoods of the people of Cambodia, the company’s statement said.