In a significant boost for public transportation in Cambodia, South Korean enterprise Booyoung Group has pledged a further 1,000 buses to the Cambodian government.

This philanthropic endeavour aims to facilitate commutes for both locals and visitors in the capital and across various provinces.

The formal signing ceremony took place on June 29 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Among the attendees was Lee Joong-keun, the chairman of Booyoung Khmer II Co Ltd, Booyoung Group’s Cambodian subsidiary.

In a press release, the ministry detailed that Booyoung Khmer II would purchase and donate 300 buses in 2023 and another 300 buses in 2024, and an additional 400 buses would come in 2025. These buses will be designated to the Phnom Penh municipal administration.

«The administration arranges public transport to make it easier for visitors and Phnom Penh residents to travel,» read the press release.

It also mentioned the formation of an inter-ministerial working group which is tasked to establish procedures and mechanisms to manage the buses effectively in the capital and provinces.

Since 2007, Booyoung Khmer II has made considerable investments in various sectors in Cambodia. Their portfolio includes real estate, condominiums, hotels, golf courses, telecommunications services, schools, universities and banks.

In addition to its corporate investments, the company has also significantly contributed to humanitarian and social work in Cambodia. These include the construction of 300 schools, a previous donation of 200 buses to the Phnom Penh administration, and various other humanitarian initiatives initiatives.