The Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) has instructed officials and staff to continue to cooperate with all relevant parties. They should be focused on planning mine clearance from one village to another, one commune to another, one district to another and one province to another.

Ly Thuch, first vice-president of the CMAA, said all CMAA officials had vowed to achieve the government’s vision of becoming mine-free by 2025, and its vision of an end to landmines claiming victims.

He made the remarks at a December 20 meeting to review the 2022 work and set goals of 2023 in Siem Reap province.

“We, and all other members of the mine action community, renew our commitment to the prime minister’s 2025 mine free vision. No one should be affected by landmines or explosive remnants of war,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen tasked the CMAA with clearing the Kingdom’s minefields completely by 2025. The prime minister made it clear he wanted to see the remaining 670 sq km demined completely.

Ly Thuch offered his appreciation to the leadership, officials and staff of the CMAA for participating in the demining work with all of their heart, resolute determination, and sacrifice. He assured them that their work was recognised also by the head of government.

“30 years of Cambodia’s success in mine action is thanks to all of us – we are the ones who are making history by addressing the serious challenge of landmines and unexploded munitions,” he said.

Ina statement, the CMAA added that the 30 years marked a long journey, marked difficult work in all conditions. The skilled and determined deminers faced the greatest danger, but they could not have completed their tasks without the kind hearts and support of the government and its partners. This included donor countries, development partners, as well as national and international demining operators.

In November, the prime minister recommended that the CMAA continue to cooperate with its partners in terms of technology, budget and materials to achieve the objectives of the National Mine Action Strategy 2018-2025 and Cambodia’s 2025 mine-free goal.

“National development ministries and institutions relevant to mine clearance and explosives must all cooperate with the CMAA to select appropriate and effective mine clearance methods. Operations should be carried out in accordance with best practices and international standards,” he added.

In the past 30 years, the government has contributed over $200 million to the mine action sector in Cambodia as well as bolstered institutional processes and monitored and implemented the national strategic plan.