Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron emphasised the ministry’s commitment to upholding the integrity of high school diploma exams, ensuring that no examination papers have been leaked.

His visit to Preah Sisowath High School on the morning of November 6 marked the commencement of the examination period. He was accompanied by representatives from the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) and the Phnom Penh municipal governor.

During a media address, Chuon Naron highlighted that this year marked the 10th consecutive year in which the ministry maintained strict control over the exams, a crucial component of reforms aimed at preventing leaks of examination papers. The exams, carefully packaged, were transported under the watchful gaze of photographers and observers.

“Let me be clear that due to our diligent efforts there were no leaks of exam papers. Multiple individuals were assigned distinct responsibilities, and the ACU consistently conducted thorough inspections, not only of the papers and the examination process but also of our social media presence,” he explained.

“We strictly prohibit the use of electronic devices or phones within examination centres by students, supervisors or teachers to prevent any potential leaks of the exams,” he continued.

The deputy head of the ACU Kheang Seng conducted an inspection at the exam centre on the first day. He stated that this year, the unit had deployed over 3,000 observers nationwide, consistently upholding exam integrity. To achieve this goal, the ACU implemented a comprehensive approach before, during and after the exams, following legal principles in every aspect of their work.

“To ensure adherence to legal principles, justice, transparency and a universally acceptable outcome, we strictly enforce the education law, anti-corruption law, the criminal code and government guidelines and circulars for all participants. Our aim is to attain an outcome that is satisfactory to all,” he explained.

Kong Samneang, the Head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, noted that the review for the first day progressed without any issues, and no examination papers were compromised. Additionally, he extended words of encouragement to all students, urging them to remain dedicated to their studies.

“I observed the first day of the high school exam transpire without any abnormal occurrences or unusual incidents. Students followed their roles diligently, and teachers fulfilled their responsibilities,” he added.

The ministry conducted the exam on November 6–7. It involved 137,412 candidates, of whom 73,278 are female. Among the candidates, 41,379 pursued science-class exams, including 24,789 young women, while 96,033 took social science-class exams, with 48,489 women. The exam took place across 227 centres, and an additional 10 centres were designated for exam marking in Phnom Penh.

Khuon Vicheka, a ministry spokesperson, also reported that the initial day of the examination proceeded smoothly without any noteworthy incidents.

The ministry reported that on the first day of the exam, there were 2,134 absentees, with 871 of them being women, which accounted for approximately 1.55 per cent of the total candidates. Out of these absentees, 38 individuals faced health issues, with four of them requiring hospitalisation and three being involved in traffic accidents.

“The candidates who faced health issues continued with the exam under the supervision of medical professionals after their conditions improved. We urge all candidates to prioritise their wellbeing, get adequate rest and maintain a healthy diet to ensure favourable exam outcomes,” the ministry advised.

The ministry announced that it will release the exam results on November 28 in Phnom Penh and Kandal province, and on November 29 in other provinces, using its official social media channels.