Police in Takeo province’s Kiri Vong district have destroyed marijuana crops illegally planted by criminals in four locations and found three water reservoirs at Dobda Damrey Leang in the district’s Preah Bat Chonchum commune.

District police chief Yuk Sarath told The Post on October 3 that the destruction was made on the order of provincial police chief Sok Samnang. He said police will continue to prevent and suppress the cultivation of marijuana.

He said that on October 2, police went on the mountain to search for and destroy marijuana plants and find the reservoirs at Dobda Damrey Leang point with a cultivated area of approximately 437sqm.

"Currently, we are searching for the owner for legal action," said Sarath.

Police have destroyed marijuana crops illegally planted by criminals. POLICE

Ly Saveth, spokesman for the provincial administration, said such offences occur three to four times a year in the province. Offenders planted marijuana between the mountains because it was conducive to growth and is also difficult for authorities to find.

"Most of the marijuana growers are poor people. They grow marijuana and sell it to traders. After the clampdown, we made people sign letters promising to stop their activities. We do not punish them severely because it is not a major crime," he said.

Saveth said people grow and sell marijuana because they can sell it at a high price, even though authorities continue to crack down on them.