Since 2018, the Tbong Khmum Provincial Administration has registered 375,295 land plots, posted announcements in 432 villages and issued 297,519 land titles to citizens, according to governor Cheam Chan Sophorn.

The governor revealed the figures at an April 20 press conference on the provincial administration’s achievements of the past five years.

"The provincial hall as well as the Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction and Cadastral Affairs had been working hard to ensure that our people have land ownership titles in their hands, so our provincial administration will further push this work so that all people have them,” he said.

He added that it is useful for people to have titles to help them solve financial problems. For example, people can use land as collateral at the bank to get capital loans for agriculture or other businesses.

He said that Tbong Khmum is fortunate to have already been declared a mine-free province on November 15, 2022, well ahead of the 2025 national goal.

"This is a message to all our compatriots that Tbong Khmum province is free of mines if you want to come for investment opportunities or doing business, and the provincial administration is waiting to facilitate that for everyone,” he said.

He also mentioned the province's social land concession programme that the

government has prepared with more than 600ha to build houses for veterans of the military and police as well as impoverished families, with the construction of hundreds of homes already underway.

"These houses will be ready ahead of our plan to distribute them to our veterans who are unable to afford them on their own. This is very important work that we have to do because they have made sacrifices in service to our nation,” he said.

Tbong Khmum land management department director Poch Sothearith said at the end of February that the housing construction is scheduled to continue until July 2023 before it is completed.

"The land must also have roads, streets and other infrastructure newly built so that people can easily travel in and out of the area and lead comfortable lives there," he said.