A team of 16 Chinese doctors practicing Chinese traditional medicine came to Cambodia and treated more than 10,000 Cambodians for free to improve health care and help to reduce the cost of treatment.

“A team of 16 traditional Chinese doctors from Beijing, China, specialising in respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and the digestive system. The team checked and treated 12,000 Cambodian people free of charge,” according to China’s Consulate General Liu Zhijie, as quoted by the Siem Reap Department of Information.

It said on March 10 that on March 9 the team and the provincial health department provided free medical check-ups to more than 200 people from Siem Reap town's Svay Dangkum commune.

Siem Reap provincial health department deputy director Eap Bun Loeun said that due to the good cooperation between Cambodia and China the provincial hospital was able to organize this humanitarian event and provide free medical consultations.

He was quoted by the Siem Reap provincial information department as saying that today, the Chinese Consulate in Siem Reap brought medical equipment, medicine and specialist doctors to help treat people in Svay Dangkum commune.

Bun Loeun thanked the Chinese and Cambodian doctors for their time and energy in providing free medical treatment to the people.