The Khmer Writers Association (KWA) will sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Naresuan University in Thailand by year’s end to promote cooperation, following a series of discussion.

The MoU will focus mainly on cooperation in literature and language arts, according to KWA president Proeung Pranit, who welcomed a Thai delegation led by Phaitoon Thanya, dean of the university’s humanities faculty, on their August 29 visit to Phnom Penh.

“The two parties have discussed increased cooperation in research into Khmer and Thai literary works; training in the Khmer language; language arts teaching and learning exchanges; and translation of literary work from various eras,” Pranit said.

“The discussion touched on common goals in the lead-up to the signing of an MoU by year’s end; translation of Khmer literature into Thai, English and other languages; the organisation of workshops on writing short stories together; and research into pre-war literature,” he added.

The Thai delegation also plans to sign an MoU on other issues including literature research; project development; a writing curriculum; an exchange programme for authors; support for a new generation of writers; and translation of literary works.

“I am pleased with the results of the meeting. It demonstrated our diplomatic ties and willingness to learn from each other, as well as our focus on sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences with the new generation of writers,” said Pranit.

“In addition, for the two countries are planning an exchange of training courses between the association and Naresuan University’s Faculty of Humanities.

“The role of writers and their work is to help individuals gain a deeper understanding about the society they are living in. Therefore, cooperation in training writers and researching literature is something that will benefit both sides in the future,” he said.