Police on Wednesday arrested three Lao men in connection to drug trafficking in the capital and also in Stung Treng province.

Anti-drug department director Loek Vannak on Thursday said one Lao man was detained by police at a petrol station on National Road 6A in Chroy Changvar commune, where police seized 4kg of methamphetamine.

“The suspect was questioned by police from the anti-drug department to prepare a case and send him to court for further legal procedures,” he said.

Separately, he said, two other Lao men were detained by anti-drug police in Stung Treng’s Siem Pang district on Wednesday afternoon after they crossed the border to traffic drugs.

“But the two suspects were not related to the suspect arrested in Chroy Changvar district in the capital,” he said.

Siem Pang district police chief Chin Hen said both suspects were arrested after they crossed illegally into Cambodia on Wednesday through an unofficial checkpoint.

“When detaining the suspects, police found and confiscated 382 orange methamphetamine tablets. After arresting them, the evidence was sent to the anti-drug department at the provincial police station for further legal action,” he said.

Hen said police were in the area on Wednesday to strengthen security in three communes, Sre Sambor, Sekong and Prek Meas.

While on patrol, they spotted the two Lao men riding a motorbike in the area and became suspicious. Upon seeing police, the two men tried to flee, but were detained for questioning, he said.