A factory has volunteered to install new systems to check air and water quality while the Ministry of Environment is pushing another 20 factories to install this tool and connect it to the central station of the ministry so that it can check environmental quality online.

“The ministry wrote to 20 factories urging them to install tools and connect them to the ministry’s system so that we can check the quality of water and the amount of gas released into the air regularly and on time,” ministry secretary of state and spokesman Neth Pheaktra told The Post on Wednesday.

He said the installations are only for big factories that cause pollution like factories that colour garments and release chemicals and liquid wastes. Normal factories like garment factories and laundry factories are not required to install the tools.

“The Ministry of Environment only requires big factories that release gasses into the air like electricity factories that use coal power, cement factories and others that use big ovens,” Pheaktra said.

He said it costs $50,000 to install an auto tool to check the quality of water. After the installation, all data will be sent to the inspection department at the ministry which can view results online.

The installation of this tool will lower operational costs and decrease the expense to citizens, he said. After installing the tool, the ministry can release permission letters to allow the release of water to public pipe systems. He called the idea a ministry upgrade.

The system investigates the process of creating liquid wastes, pollution and abnormality that do not respect technical measures, the ministry said on Facebook.

“By the signal and auto data, the ministry can take measures to prevent environmental pollution on time and at the source,” the ministry wrote.