The Ministry of Tourism has issued a set of instructions for the competent officials nationwide to ensure Covid-19 prevention and control as well as the overall quality of the Kingdom’s tourism products, particularly on December 31 and January 1. Heads of provincial tourism departments are confirming that their agencies are ready to comply.

In a circular dated December 22, the ministry laid out four main directions: firstly – encourage the “consistent and rigorous” implementation of government-issued Covid-19 prevention measures.

Secondly: promote adherence with the pertinent tourism safety rules and standard operating procedures (SOP). Thirdly: guide the management of local tourist destinations, specifically by determining safe maximum carrying capacities.

And fourthly: work with travel-related businesses to improve the quality of tourism products, maintain clean environments, and ensure reasonable prices for products and services that are clearly listed.

Kampot provincial Department of Tourism director Soy Sinol confirmed to The Post on December 25 that his department and the provincial authorities are all set to follow the instructions, remarking that regular inspections are conducted at local travel spots, with a focus on food prices, environmental regulations and Covid control measures.

Officials have also sought to inspire the creation of new tourism products to improve the allure of the province’s localities, he said, stressing his expectations that many holidaymakers would visit Kampot during the two days, drawn in by the province’s beaches, salt fields, mountains, forests and other local attractions.

In short, Sinol explained, the ministry’s circular was designed to guarantee that New Year’s celebrations go “smoothly, cheerfully and safely” for guests to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Ratanakkiri provincial Department of Tourism director Nget Pitou said his department regularly reaches out to stakeholders with suggestions on how to bring in tourists to the northeastern province, arguing that more visitors translates into more benefits for locals.

“As it stands, the provincial authorities and tourism department are geared up and ready to welcome New Year’s guests in Ratanakkiri this weekend,” he said.