Mondulkiri provincial governor Thong Savon on June 24 launched a tree-planting project along National Road 76A, near Keo Seima High School. Aiding him were representatives from various local departments, authorities and the youth sector. Together, they planted 800 royal poinciana (Delonix regia) trees.

According to a social media post by the provincial administration, Savon expressed the initiative’s multiple goals.

“The planting of royal poinciana trees is intended to enhance the landscape view and attract tourists by providing protective shade as well as mitigating the negative impacts of climate change and natural disasters,” he said.

He urged for local cooperation in his post. “In order to make it easier to plant royal poinciana trees as planned, we request the Keo Seima district administration and residents along National Road 76A to participate and cooperate with us to carry out this project.”

Savon also emphasised the need for residents’ participation in caring for these trees and the area’s natural resources.

San Kim Eap, the district governor of Keo Seima, disclosed on June 25 that the trees, supplied by the Forestry Administration’s (FA) Mondulkiri provincial cantonment, were planted from the high school up to the border with O’Raing district.

He said the district administration bore the planting cost, and workers were instructed to plant three royal poinciana seeds per tree, as a precaution against potential tree death.

“I have one method to plant these trees, allowing the planters to put three royal poinciana seeds into one tree, just in case the trees are not viable, the seeds will begin to sprout to replace them. However, if all the trees grow, it is good,” Kim Eap stated.

He further remarked that upon announcement of the planting, community members were not only cooperative but also actively participated in the initiative.

Separately in Siem Reap province, the Sotr Nikum district administration plans to plant 3,500 freshwater mangrove (Barringtonia acutangula) plants.

Sotr Nikum governor Kim Vannak confirmed on June 25 that the planting of freshwater mangrove plants in three areas of the Tonle Sap Lake is scheduled for June 27.