The USAID Cambodia Green Future project has appealed for improved waste disposal to protect the country's environment, health and aesthetic appeal, in light of its finding that over 40 per cent of rubbish ends up as litter.

In a July 20 social media post, it emphasised the escalating issue of piled-up trash and the shortcomings in waste management, leading to over 40 per cent of rubbish being discarded carelessly.

The post described the various ways rubbish is improperly disposed of, including being left on the streets, dumped into waterways, burned or buried.

All these practices pose significant harm to the environment, public health and the overall aesthetic appeal of the country.

"Let's discuss proper rubbish disposal to protect our environment, our health and Cambodia's beauty. Let's unite to put a stop to littering," it urged.

On July 11, the project team held a one-day training session for social media influencers on the subject of "stop littering".

The training was designed to enhance their understanding of waste management in Cambodia. It covered relevant policies and regulations, the repercussions of improper rubbish disposal, updates on campaign activities, and the usage of the Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) toolkit.

The goal was to facilitate collaboration between the Green Future Project and the local social media influencers in order to promote and share the SBCC campaign's messages to halt littering.