Ministry of Health spokeswoman Or Vandine urged Phnom Penh residents to keep calm and refrain from flocking to buy food and other necessities as it increases the risks of Covid-19 transmission.

Her appeal came on the heels of rumours that the government would place the capital in lockdown for two weeks.

Vandine said: "You can be infected with Covid-19 at any time when the place is too crowded or where there is no individual distancing one and a half metres from each other, and if no one wears a mask and frequently washes hand.

"Remember that the Covid-19 virus is very happy, very likely and easily pass from one person to another without any barrier or any mean to kill it.

"Please believe in preventive measures introduced by the government. The government will not close down everything that would prevent people from buying food and other necessities.

"Please participate in the implementation of the three do’s + three don’ts + vaccination against Covid-19 + New Year at home to win the fight against the pandemic. Individuals need to act responsibly for the health of their own, family and community as a whole."