For more than 50 consecutive days, Cambodia has recorded no new infections or deaths caused by Covid-19. There were five key factors behind the Kingdom’s remarkable success in bringing the pandemic under control, according to Ministry of Health spokeswoman Or Vandine.

Vandine, also head of the national Covid-19 vaccination committee, said the most important factor was the strong leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen. The premier established and personally led the National Committee to Combat Covid-19 and launched similar commissions at the sub-national level.

The second factor was the immediate implementation of an inter-sectoral approach.

“Working together in a single framework with the participation of wider society, partner organisations and the private sector meant we could mobilise resources – both human, material and financial – to immediately respond to the spread of the coronavirus,” she said.

The third crucial factor was the immediate provision of information, whether it related to preventative measures or the mutation of the virus.

Vandine added that rapidly responding to most of the fake information that was widely circulated was essential in maintaining public order at the peak of the pandemic.

“The fourth factor was Prime Minister Hun Sen’s announcement of the six strategies that were to be enacted as quickly as possible. The most noteworthy of these, of course, was the nationwide vaccination campaign,” she said.

The last important factor was the way the government had built solidarity in the country. The spirit of supporting one another was essential in ensuring the cooperation of individuals, families and communities.

“Thanks to these five factors, Cambodia gained worldwide prestige for its response to the global pandemic,” she said.

Chinese ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian said at a June 27 economic diplomacy seminar that the Kingdom had made excellent progress in combating Covid-19, and that the outlook for its economic recovery was also promising.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Covid-19 in Cambodia has been effectively controlled. There are zero cases of infection or hospitalisation. The vaccination rate is 94 per cent. The Kingdom’s Covid-19 outcomes are now renowned by ASEAN countries and the international community,” Wang said.

Vandine reminded the public to continue taking care of their health, as well as that of their families and communities, and warned against negligence.

“There are no cases, and no deaths, but this does not mean that the virus has vanished. There is still the possibility of its return,” she said.

As of June 26, Cambodia had vaccinated 94.24 per cent of the estimated population of 16 million. So far, 9.4 million people have received their third dose, 2.8 million their fourth and over 260,000 their fifth.