A senior official at the Ministry of Health repeats calls for people to join the government in Covid-19 fight by keeping their Covid-19 vaccination up-to-date, saying that the coronavirus – and “false information” – are still circulating.

Or Vandine, ministry spokeswoman and head of the national Covid-19 vaccination committee, said there were some who had fallen for misinformation regarding the necessity of vaccinations, or even forgotten about the threat of the virus altogether.

She encouraged health officials and local authorities to continue their efforts to educate the public and promote continued vaccination, in order to maintain the Kingdom’s sustainable socio-economic recovery.

“Although the government handled the initial onslaught of the virus admirably, we must remember that Covid-19 remains a threat.

“Furthermore, we must be wary of misinformation about the vaccines or misinterpretations of the latest instructions from the World Health Organisation [WHO],” she said.

Vandine made the remarks while inspecting Covid-19 booster vaccination sites in three provinces – Banteay Meanchey, Pailin and Battambang – on March 28-31.

“Spreading false, fabricated or misleading information could lead to a public health disaster. We need to work together to eliminate such actions in order to protect ourselves, and each other,” she added.

According to the ministry, as of April 1 Cambodia had vaccinated 95.51 per cent of its estimated population of 16 million. Over 10 million people have received their third doses, more than five million their fourth, nearly two million their fifth, and over 340,000 their sixth.