Three veteran hikers are scheduled on December 24 to share advice and experiences with adventure enthusiasts who may be looking to welcome 2022 in the Cambodian jungle, on a Facebook live stream and Q&A session hosted on the USAID Greening Prey Lang page.

Khon Leang Eng, Horn Sokchanlida and Keo Sophearum are set to go live for 45 minutes from 3pm, and USAID Greening Prey Lang is encouraging thrill-seekers keen on spending New Year’s Eve in the wilderness to post comments and questions for the guests to respond to.

“Please watch our ‘Live it up in the Jungle’ livestream, where we’ll discuss eco-tourism topics such as excursions to natural parks, visiting rural communities and other adventures in the wild. Participants will also have a chance to win a nice water bottle,” said a post on the page.