The National Election Committee (NEC) has officially announced the commencement of voter registration for the 5th Senate Election in communes, as well as at the National Assembly (NA).

Eligible voters include commune council members and lawmakers.

The registration period began on October 18 and run through November 14, according to NEC member Mean Satik.

During an October 17 meeting with several stakeholders, Satik said the voter registration process adheres to the NEC’s predefined working calendar, with no reported complaints or objections thus far.

Following its completion, he said the NEC will publish the primary voter list in the capital and provincial election secretariats, along with select urban areas, so any complaints or objections can be addressed.

If necessary, unresolved appeals will progress from the provincial election commission level to the NEC, and culminate in a resolution from the Constitutional Council.

He outlined plans to organise eight zones comprising a total of 58 out of 62 seats. Two senators will be appointed by King Norodom Sihamoni and two elected by the NA, through a majority vote.

The capital and each province are responsible for preparing a voter list, with the NEC tasked with summarising election results from the eight designated zones nationwide.

Leng Peng Long, NA secretary general, announced on October 17 that the NEC has transferred its authority for the voter registration of parliamentary members to the NA secretariat and emphasised the need for an effective, transparent and inclusive registration process.

He added that a voter registration office has been established at the NA, where voter registration will take place during regular working hours from October 18 to November 6.