The Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) asked for understanding from Phnom Penh residents in some communes where water pressure is weak. They assured residents that all supply issues will be resolved by early 2024, but have suggested that residents use water sparingly in the meantime.

In a March 23 public notice, the authority said that they received recent complaints from users about the lack of water pressure in their communes or sangkats, with some clients saying they had no water at all.

The PPWSA said 31 sangkats out of the capital’s more than 100 had been affected, particularly in the suburbs. Sen Sok was particularly affected, with problems reported in all six sangkats.

“The PPWSA regard public concerns as our concerns and responsibilities. We beg understanding and tolerance from any water users who are facing difficulties. We assure the public that we will be resolving the problems from May onwards,” said the notice.

Current demand for water in the capital is 890,000m3 per day, while production is limited to 640,000.

The authority said that extensive investment in water treatment plants is underway. In May, a new facility with a capacity of 200,000m3 of fresh water per day will come online, meaning the PPWSA will be able to meet 90 per cent of demand.

A second new plant is expected to become operational early next year, and will boost production beyond one million cubic litres of clean water per day.

“In short, from the beginning 2024, the PPWSA’s water supply capacity will exceed demand,” added the authority.

PPWSA urged all residents to use water sparingly in order to share with those who currently lack an adequate supply.