The Ministry of National Defence is set to celebrate the 24th anniversary of “Win-Win Policy Day” to commemorate the end of the Cambodian civil war.

The event, scheduled to run for three days from December 29, will be presided over by defence minister Tea Banh.

“The organisation of the 24th Anniversary of Win-Win Policy Day serves as a reminder and expression of gratitude to the heroism and exceptional guidance of the initiators of the Win-Win Policy.

“This brought the civil war to a complete end on December 29, 1998, ushering in peace and bringing full national unity to Cambodia,” the ministry said in an announcement.

It recalled on December 27 that the long-running civil war in Cambodia ended through Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Win-Win policy, which had three core tenets – “Life, Career and Ownership”.

Ensuring life, allowing a career and securing the ownership of property, the three core tenets brought about the dismantling of the political and military organisations of the Khmer Rouge and established peace and national unity on December 29, 1998.

“Peace and political stability provided the Cambodian people with the most valuable opportunity to develop in all areas and across society,” said the ministry.

“They also opened the way for the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces [RCAF] to be organised as a professional entity building and protecting the motherland of Cambodia,” it added.

The ministry has set up an organising committee for events celebrating the 24th Win-Win Policy Day and the fourth anniversary of the inauguration of the Win-Win Monument, with RCAF deputy commander-in-chief Ith Sarath as its chairman.

Accompanying infrastructure has been built at the Win-Win Monument site to enhance the events, with them being promoted on social media as part of the celebration of peace.

According to the ministry, the Win-Win Monument has since 2019 welcomed national and international delegations, particularly senior leaders, as well as visitors from all ministries, public and private institutions, students, researchers and youth.

The Win-Win Policy Day has been included by the government in the annual calendar without being a national holiday.

“Win-Win Policy Day increases the spirit of peace and cultivates the will of the public to participate in the protection and maintenance of lasting peace in Cambodia.

“This underscores the need to organise events to commemorate the end of the civil war brought about without bloodshed, achieving peace and full national unity,” it said.

Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat could not be reached for comment on December 27.