AMK (MFI) and SOGE have won 2022 Clean Energy Champion Awards organised by EnergyLab after passing the last four qualifying rounds and beating out over 30 other participating companies. The awards are part of EnergyLab’s “Clean Energy Week”, held from October 20-27.

Out Sokphalkun, engagement programme manager at Energy Lab told the Post at the launch of Clean Energy Week on October 20 that there are two winners; one is an individual award and a company award.

Individual award winner is Ms Much Pheakdey, Energy Efficiency Focal point and Senior Finance officer at AMK while Solar Green Energy (Cambodia) known as SOGE won the company award of Clean Energy Awards 2022.

“SOGE has a name and brand recognition on Cambodian Market. SOGE started in 2008 as an association, with the sole focus to increase the use of clean energy in Cambodia. Registered in 2013 as a company, SOGE is working on solar technology across Cambodia” Sokphalkun Said.

“Much Pheakdey will be the pivot to roll-out an energy savings challenge across AMK 150 branches. And to mention she is also converting her household and whole family to EE practices”, Sokphalkun added.

The winners were announced on the evening of October 20, 2022 at the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh, with opening remarks given by Australia’s ambassador Pablo Kang, UNDP representative Alissar Chaker, Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) director-general Keo Rattanak and Natharoun Ngo Son, country director for EnergyLab Cambodia.

“Australia is a founding sponsor of Clean Energy Week and is committed to working with Cambodia to build a resilient, clean energy sector and unlock green trade and investment. Clean Energy Week is an excellent opportunity for policymakers, leaders, civil society and innovators to come together to discuss Cambodia’s clean energy transition in order to address climate change and take advantage of the benefits of the green economy,” Kang said.

At the launch of Clean Energy Week 2022, UNDP Cambodia resident representative Alissar Chaker said: “Cambodia has a unique opportunity to redefine its drivers of economic growth. It’s crucial to strengthen institutions and incentives, and adopt the best energy mix and pricing structures to ensure energy security and just access for all.”

Currently, almost 50 per cent of the electricity used daily in the Kingdom comes from coal produced in Cambodia. Renewable energy proponents would like to see an increase in solar power from 6 per cent currently to 30 per cent by 2040 and a reduction in the percentage of hydropower to 30 per cent due to environmental concerns caused by hydropower dams.

In building a safer and cleaner energy system, there are two main principles to follow, said Natharoun Ngo Son, country director of EnergyLab Cambodia.

“The first principle is not to have more coal agreements. The second principle is that we should adopt a plan for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We should set a target of 50 per cent for the renewable energy policy by 2030 and 60 per cent by 2040,” he said.

AMK, meanwhile, congratulated Phakdey on winning the 2022 Clean Energy Award on its official website on October 22:

“AMK is proud that our senior accountant Much Phakdey received the Clean Energy Champion Award at the Clean Energy Awards 2022 on October 20, 2022 at the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This award is given to individuals who have been actively involved in the implementation of clean and efficient energy in Cambodia.”

“Congratulations to Pheakdey on receiving this award. AMK will continue to be directly involved and encourage all employees to focus on saving and using energy efficiently for our environment,” the post added.