The annual “Dream Girls” project is appealing to girls and women aged 10 to 25 to submit their best black and white designs to the its competition.

The winning entries will not only have the chance to earn cash prizes, but will have their work included in a brand new adult colouring book.

Entries from amateur artists and professional graphic designers and illustrators are welcome, with entries closing on July 30, according to a June 5 press release from the organisers.

The contest will give the Kingdom’s girls and women a chance to showcase their talent and share their own unique Cambodian artistic perspectives.

“Potential entrants are asked to submit an A4 black and white drawing which best illustrates the ‘Wonder of Cambodia’, in order to express their pride in their country to the people of the world. The winning finalists will be selected for publication of an adult colouring book,” explained the press release.

The finalists will be selected in October. The overall winner will also receive a cash prize of $1,000, with the second and third place getters earning $300 and $100 respectively.

Heag Vattey, Dream Girls project leader, told The Post on June 5 that the ultimate purpose and mission of the competition is to see Cambodian women gain independence through design and business.

She added that the contest is held every year to search for talented individuals, and has been running since 2010.

“The competition offers girls and women the chance to learn artistic skills such as graphic design and how to create jobs for themselves. It will also introduce their designs to firms that may end up becoming potential clients,” she explained.

Vattey expected that this year’s contest will attract a lot of entrants, as the numbers have been steadily growing since the event began.

“We want to give Cambodian women a great opportunity to become designers, so they can turn their talents into an income. Since we announced the contest in April, we have received 370 applications, and there is still six weeks until the deadline closes,” she said.

The Dream Girls design contest was created by Japanese designer and businesswoman Wakana Nukui when she first visited the Kingdom.

The inspiration for the event came from when she visited Angkor Wat, saw the beautiful artwork carved into stone, and came to believe that Cambodians have an inherent talent for design. Soon after she launched the project, with the goal of helping Cambodian women start their graphic design careers.