World Vision Cambodia (WVC) has extended a helping hand to more than 4.5 million vulnerable individuals, with a major focus on the country’s youth. In light of these achievements, the organisation has announced a strategic five-year plan to ensure sustainable wellbeing for an additional five million children.

This ambitious goal, part of the National Strategic Plan 2023 to 2027 and highlighted in the 2022 Annual Report, underlines WVC’s “steadfast dedication” to Cambodia’s neediest. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the charity has spearheaded several developmental initiatives nationwide.

The annual report states that these initiatives have positively influenced over 4.5 million people, including over 1.3 million children. Of these, 67 per cent, or 876,700 children across 14 provinces and Phnom Penh, are identified as the most vulnerable.

“In our journey towards a nourished nation, we have seen a significant improvement in the health of 50 per cent of the 10,197 underweight children through enhanced nutrition. More than 63,000 children have benefited from 835 after-school reading programmes, while over 264,000 people have been engaged in project activities across 410 health centres, 2,400 schools and 530 communes,” the report reveals.

In terms of economic development, the efforts are bearing fruit as over 8,500 individuals across 57 farming communities have seen income growth through WVC’s initiatives.

Alongside the government and local authorities, WVC has delivered 204,470 packages of essential supplies, including water purifiers and sanitation equipment, benefiting over 16,000 adults and 8,000 children.

Crafted through an extensive series of stakeholder consultations, the WVC Strategic Plan visualises a post-Covid era and sets a distinct target.

“The strategic goal for World Vision International for Cambodia from 2023 to 2027 is to achieve sustainable wellbeing for five million girls and boys, especially the most vulnerable,” the report emphasised.

WVC country director Janes Imanuel Ginting elaborated on the strategies. “To meet this goal, World Vision Cambodia will implement three priority programmes focusing on child nutrition, water, sanitation, livelihood programmes, child protection and participation, and educational programmes.”

Ginting announced a series of cross-sectoral activities, including disaster risk reduction, climate resilience, gender equality, disability and social environment , and policy impact and system strengthening, as integral components of their strategy.

The future appears expansive, as Ginting revealed plans to increase geographical coverage from 14 provinces to 23, allowing WVC to add value to existing initiatives like humanitarian and mobilisation programmes in partnership with local governments and other stakeholders.