Following the discovery of a dead young male Irrawaddy dolphin in Kratie province, the Fisheries Administration (FiA) has announced it will offer incentives to members of the public who inform them about illegal fishing activities in the area.

The sad find came just days after the exciting news that two newborn Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) calves have been spotted this month.

A February 19 statement from the FiA said the deceased mammal was found in Saob commune, Prek Prasab district on February 18, around the 16km from the Kampi deep pool dolphin protection area. 

The dolphin calf was 1.04 metres long, and weighed just 14kg.

The animal’s death may have resulted from fishing nets as scars were noticed on its back, it added.

The second dolphin calf found last week in Kratie. WWF Cambodia

"The Fisheries Administration will cooperate with the relevant authorities to crack down on fisheries crimes and will enforce full penalties against the perpetrator according to the Law on Fisheries,” it continued. 

The authority also called on local fishermen and the public to play their part in protecting the dolphins by reporting any offences they saw, and refraining from the use of illegal fishing equipment, such as electrical devices.

"The FiA will offer rewards to those who report cases of fisheries crimes to us,” it added.