Aok Sochenda is the founder of Zerow, an online community of environmentalists. Zerow shares a lot of content related to raising awareness of environmental issues, such as living without waste and reducing littering.

Since Zerow was established in late 2018, Sochenda has continued to spread the word of environmental content on Zerow, both through Facebook and TikTok, to more than 110,000 young followers.

Sochenda observed many major environmental problems, such as climate change and the effects of plastic waste on life on earth. This was what motivated the establishment of the community.

She began by examining ways in which she could personally reduce waste, and then began sharing what she had learned with the public. This served as a model for those who want to reduce their waste as part of caring for the environment.

“Zerow is rich in digital resources and information for those who wish to contribute to clearing up the environment. When I started sharing lifestyle tips that do not harm the environment, many people expressed their desire to join me,” she said.

Some of the work she has done through her online community includes spreading content related to raising awareness of environmental protection to nearly 70,000 people on Facebook and more than 40,000 people through TikTok. In addition to following her newsfeeds, her supporters join the discussion and often message Zerow about how it has helped them.

Accepting that living without litter is only part of the environmental issues facing the planet, Zerow will extend its reach into alternative energy sources, climate change and other issues that affect marine and land life.

Zerow does not work alone, sometimes collaborating with organisations to access more resources and information. This ensures a steady flow of useful, educational content, which in turn allows the platform to become more influential.

Even though this community exists only online, she hopes to expand it to a one stop shop for knowledge on how people can live without harming the environment.

She welcomes all members of the public, whether they are in Phnom Penh or not.

“Every day we work on raising awareness and presenting simple things that anyone can do. Our content reaches many people in Phnom Penh and some in the provinces, thanks to the power of social media,” she said.

When creating content, Sochenda strives to find ways that are easy for her followers to reduce their own impact on the planet. In addition, Zerow intends to create exhibitions and community outreach programmes which will encourage the public to participate.

The founder of Zerow hoped that in the future, they will reach out to more people in the provinces and provide practical environmental knowledge through workshops and training sessions.