Police Bloter: 14 March, 2003

Police Bloter: 14 March, 2003

MARCH 2: Sor Yuhour, 23, an exchange-rate vendor at the Olympic Market, was

robbed while returning home at 4 pm in Tuol Svay Prey 1 commune, Chamkar Morn district,

Phnom Penh. Yuhour told police that four gunmen on two motorcycles blocked his car,

then threatened him before shooting out the front tire of his vehicle. They then

made off with his money bag containing $20,000.

MARCH 2: Moun Samuot, 25, died instantly and his wife was severely injured

during a traffic accident at around 2 pm while driving a motorbike on National Road

4 in Chumpu Vorn precinct, Dangkor district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Police

said Samuot, who had been married just a week earlier, fell in the path of a truck

after his bike collided with a car.

MARCH 2: The body of Nou Savun, 28, was found in a rice field in Prek Daung

village, Kien Svay district, Kandal. Police said she was strangled during an attempted

rape while cutting grass for her family's cows. Police filed a warrant against a

neighbor, who ran away after the killing.

MARCH 2: Tan Sopheap, 39, a gold seller, was robbed at 5 pm while on a

motodop returning from her job at the Stung Meanchey market. Sopheap told police

that two men on a motorbike blocked the route of the motodop then struck her on the

head before stealing her bag which had 25 damleung of gold.

MARCH 2: Bodyguards from Prime Minister Hun Sen's unit arrested An Kia, 27,

and handed him to the provincial police after he committed a murder in Ang Keasdey

village, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng. The bodyguards told police Kia had struck

his aunt, Bou Khen, 64, on the head with an ax. He and two accomplices then stole

one damleung of gold and 80,000 riel in cash.

MARCH 3: Police arrested Um Poeu, 29, and Chao Kosal, 36, after they were

accused of a murder committed the previous day during a drunken argument in O'Tracheak

Chit village, Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville. The pair confessed that they were

drunk when they axed Sin Vanna, 58, four times in the head. Police are looking for

two accomplices who escaped.

MARCH 3: Seng Son, 35, a military officer at the technical driving school,

was sent to Preah Kossamak Hospital for treatment after attempting suicide at 8:10

am in Prey Tear village, Dangkor district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. His wife,

Chan Thoeun, 32, told police her husband was severely injured when he cut off his

tongue and ate it. She said he was suffering severe mental anguish.

MARCH 3: Four men robbed three employees of the W&D Garment Factory as

they returned from Canadia Bank in Phnom Penh. The employees told police their driver

had conspired with the thieves who hid behind the back seat of the car. After threatening

them with a knife, they taped their mouths and stole the $29,000 payroll. They escaped

after leaving the car in Takhmau.

MARCH 3: A 34-year-old woman, Chhoeun Sophal, was beaten to death in a

domestic violence incident at 3:40 am in Por Thmei village, Kanh Chreach district,

Prey Veng. Police said she was beaten on the head by her husband, Ros Noeu, 35, who

is believed to suffer from mental problems. He was arrested.

MARCH 4: Police found the body of a 20-year-old unidentified woman at 6:30

am in Chea Lia village, Bateay district, Kampong Cham. Police said she had suffered

massive head injuries and her throat had been cut. The motive is not known, but police

said she was likely murdered elsewhere and her body dumped there the previous night.

MARCH 4: One person was shot dead and two others were arrested after they

committed a robbery at 11:30 am in Tumnop Teuk precinct, Meanchey district, Phnom

Penh. Police said the three had tried to steal a motorbike from Heng Soklang, 16,

while she was driving home from school near the Russian Market.

MARCH 4: Baing Pong, 30, an election observer with the opposition Sam Rainsy

Party, was found hanged at midnight in Damnak Ampil village, Ang Snuol district,

Kandal. His wife, Yin Sinath, 27, told the authorities her husband had committed

suicide after suffering a long illness. His body was handed over to the police for

an autopsy.

MARCH 5: Neang Saran, 39, a prisoner, was severely injured in a midnight

fight at a prison in Takeo province. Provincial prison chief Nol Nem said Saran was

chopped in the mouth and his left hand cut off. He had been sentenced to 17 years

in jail for a murder committed six years ago in Kampot province. Siv Sophal, 24,

another prisoner, was also beaten during the attack.

MARCH 5: A 31-year-old woman, An Sitha, was shot and seriously wounded

in a family argument at 11 am in Krapeu Kang village, Koh Sotin district, Kampong

Cham. Police said she was shot in the waist and chest by her husband, Ton Toeun,

38, who then committed suicide. Sitha was sent to a provincial hospital for surgery,

and then to a hospital in Phnom Penh.

MARCH 5: Yor Thantong, 30, suffered serious injuries after a robbery attempt

at noon in Trapaing Levea village, Kandal Stung district, Kandal. District police

deputy inspector Sim Bunbondit said Thantong was dumped in the village after thieves

tried to murder him while stealing $140 in cash, his six chi gold ring, a handphone

and his watch.

MARCH 5: Moung Soi, 60, was sent to the Preah Sihanouk Hospital for treatment

after being axed during a revenge attack while planting a mango field in Prek Anchanh

village, Kandal. Police said the man was chopped five times by Krauch Sinang, 23,

who was later arrested. Soi's two daughters, Phannet, 18, and Phanneat, 20, were

knocked to the ground with the back of the ax in the same attack.

MARCH 6: A 30-year-old unidentified man was found dead at a guest house in

Boeung Kak precinct, Tuol Kork district, Phnom Penh. Police surmised he had been

murdered as they had found a knife and hammer near his body. They said it was likely

his wife had killed him as she recently told a neighbor that she was angry that he

had started seeing another woman.

MARCH 6: The body of a 31-year-old man, Louk Noy, was found at a rice field

in Andaung Tasey village, Svay Rieng province. Police said Noy, who was married with

two children, was murdered two months ago and his body buried there. The reason for

the killing is not known.

MARCH 7: Chip Bo, 51, a demobilized soldier, was robbed at night on National

Road 6 in Kauk Lon village, Preahnet Pras district, Banteay Meanchey. Bo told police

that three gunmen threatened him with an AK-47 while he and his 15-year-old son were

hunting frogs at a lake. One of the robbers was knifed to death at the scene; the

other two escaped on foot.

MARCH 7: Ron Sary, 28, a driver with the Canadia Industrial Company, was

sent to a clinic after being shot in a robbery at noon while driving along Monireth

Boulevard in Stung Meanchey commune, Phnom Penh. Police said he was shot in the shoulder

with a K-59 handgun by four men who escaped on motorbikes after trying to steal the

$33,000 payroll.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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