Police Blotter: 02 December 2005

Police Blotter: 02 December 2005


NOVEMBER 19: Nem Touch, 25, was arrested in Sam Rong village, Oddar Meanchey

province, while driving a tourist van he had stolen after killing its driver the

previous week. Police said Touch killed tourist driver Bouy Tri, 45, and stole his

12-seater van during a robbery in Kampong Kor village, Kampong Thom province. Touch

hit Tri on the neck then strangled him and dumped his body down a well.

NOVEMBER 20: Police arrested a widow, Sin Lay, 42, after she killed her two-year-old

daughter at 6:40 pm in Kauk village, Takeo province. Police said Lay cut her daughter's

neck while she slept in a hammock. Lay told police she killed the daughter when a

spirit possessed her while she was drunk. Lay's eight surviving children are now

in an orphanage.

NOVEMBER 20: A single woman, Sam Kong, 39, was sent to a provincial hospital

for medical treatment after being axed while going downstairs at night in Boeng Nai

village, Kampong Cham province. A neighbor, Keo Rin, 50, told police an unknown man

chopped Kong three times in the head then ran away. Police knew of no motive.

NOVEMBER 20: A military police official, Em Challamony, 31, was sent to Calmette

Hospital after five people attacked him at 1:15 pm in Trapaing Chhouk village, Phnom

Penh. Challamony told police the assailants grabbed his handgun from him and hit

him on the head with its butt while he was trying to stop them arguing with another


NOVEMBER 21: Heng Sovan, 25, was found hanging at noon from the roof of his

kitchen in Prek Toal village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. His family told police

Sovan hanged himself with a rope because he had a mental problem.

NOVEMBER 21: Police arrested four people for the murder three days earlier

of King Bunleng, 40, in Prek Tauch village, Kampong Cham province. Police said the

four, Yoeung Thoeun, 41, Han Hong, 31, Soeung Bunseang, 33, and Mang Chhurn, 29,

axed Bunleng to death as he drove on a motorbike to a shop where he and his four

killers were intending to drink palm wine. Police said the four killed Bunleng because

he had allocated dog meat unfairly.

NOVEMBER 21: Nait Sokhon, 45, was arrested after attacking Chey Daing, 57,

with a heavy knife while catching fish in a paddy field at 7:30 am in Boeng Snor

village, Battambang province. Daing died in a hospital from grave head and face injuries.

Police said they could not question Sokhon about his motive because he had long had

a mental problem.

NOVEMBER 22: The chief of the Koh Kong provincial prison, Samol Thearith,

45, killed one man and arrested three accomplices while the four were trying to rob

him at midnight in Smach Meanchey village, Koh Kong province. Thearith said San Sakol,

19, was shot in the stomach and later died at a hospital. Thearith said he telephoned

police, who came promptly while the thieves were still entering his house.

NOVEMBER 22: Robbers shot dead butcher's wife Seng Muy, 54, with an AK-47

while she was watching TV at 7:30 pm in O'Slart village, Kandal province. Kim Yan,

60, told police that a group of seven masked robbers entered the house, shot both

his wife and his daughter in the head, then stole two motorbikes, jewelry and two

million riel in cash. Yan said his daughter, Kim Chhengny, 18, was sent to Calmette

Hospital for surgery.

NOVEMBER 22: Surn Sim, 22, was sent to Chantreavuth clinic after being knifed

during an affray at 7:30 pm at a karaoke shop in Prey Kuy village, Kandal province.

Police said Sim was stabbed twice in the chest while he and his two friends were

arguing with the shop's owner. Police said violence followed when the three refused

to pay for their food and beer.

NOVEMBER 23: A Deputy Director of Electricité du Cambodge, Kim Daravuth,

44, was shot and severely wounded at 12:10 pm while he sat in a parked car waiting

for his children to leave Chatomuk school. A witness told police an unknown man shot

Daravuth in the neck with a K-59 handgun then escaped on a motorcycle. Police suspect

revenge, because the gunman fled empty-handed. Daravuth was sent to Calmette Hospital

but was later transferred to a hospital in Thailand.

NOVEMBER 23: Police arrested Khan Sopheak, 31, as he tried to escape on a

stolen motorbike after he murdered a motorbike taxi driver for his bike at 7:35 pm

in Kbal Spean village, Banteay Meanchey province. Police said Sopheak killed Rong

Soknao, 22, with an ax, then stole his bike.

NOVEMBER 24: Pok Mao, 21, was arrested for murdering an angry woman three

days earlier in Cham Bak village, Kampong Cham province. Mao confessed that he killed

Hen Savoeun, 34, to shut her up because she was screaming that she would tell her

husband after Mao teased her as they collected rubber in a plantation.

NOVEMBER 24: A 20-year-old unidentified motorbike taxi driver was murdered

during a robbery at 6:30 pm in Trapaing Chrey village, Dangkor district, Phnom Penh.

A passer-by told police the man was chopped three times in the head with an ax by

his two passengers, who stole his bike. Police said the motorbike driver wore black

trousers and a white shirt.

NOVEMBER 26: Police shot dead a suspected robber, So Phalla, 30, with an AK-47

while he was holed up in a house at 4 pm in Trapaing Chhouk village, Phnom Penh.

Police said Phalla had threatened to set fire to neighboring houses after his accomplice,

Mean Sovan, 24, was arrested and accused of a robbery the previous night.

NOVEMBER 26: Four gunmen escaped after killing Eang Reath, 44, and stealing

his money at 10:30 pm in Sre Riech village, Dangkor district, Phnom Penh. Police

said the robbers, who wore military uniforms, shot Reath in the temple, the shoulder,

and twice in the chest with an AK-47. Reath's wife told police one of the robbers

was chopped three times in the head as her husband struggled with him.

NOVEMBER 27: Chhum Savuth, 42, was sent to Calmette Hospital for surgery after

shooting himself with an arrow while he hunted rats in a rice field at 4:20 am in

Chauk Chey commune, Kampong Cham province. Police said Savuth was hitting a rat with

the bottom of a spring-loaded quiver when the arrowhead discharged into his chest.

NOVEMBER 27: Nhep Sophy, 24, died from head injuries he suffered during blasting

in a quarry where he worked in Laang village, Kampot province. Sam Sarith, 25, who

worked at the site, said Sophy was struck on the head with a piece of rock in the

explosion, and died on the way to hospital.

NOVEMBER 27: Police are looking for Phop Phan, 39, who escaped after killing his

sister, Phop Oeup, 36, at 5:10 pm in Chrouy Mateas village, Battambang province.

Police said Phan was angry and struck his sister three times on the head with a bamboo

stick when she refused to sell a cow.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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