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Police Blotter : 02 May 1997

Police Blotter : 02 May 1997



Apr 13: One person was killed and five were injured when gunmen shot to

welcome the Tevada (Angel) for Khmer New Year. Twelve people were arrested and 11

long guns and 7 pistols were confiscated.


Apr 14: Sok Sopheap, 15 and Matina, 30 - were arrested by police when they

attempted to catch two women that ran off that they threatened to rape, after the

two were enjoying walking. The incident took place in Phnom Penh.

Apr 15: Pen Siyan, 18-year old student, was murdered by three gunmen riding

a 100cc motorcycle at 5:30 pm at the corner of 136 and 53 Streets in Sangkat Psar

Thmey. The motive is still being investigated.

Apr 16: Tang Sarith, 22, committed suicide by hanging himself at 12 am

in Khan Russey Keo. The reason was that he was bored with chronic illness.

Apr 16: Bun Vesna, 16, was killed and Ven Nhenh, 15, was seriously injured

by Long Mon, 25, a soldier and also a relative of the victims. The incident took

place at Thmey village Peam Rang Kandal province. The offender was not arrested.

Apr 16: Tep Chamrarng, was gunned down by two unidentified men when the

victim enjoyed throwing water on passengers to celebrate Khmer New Year at 3:40 pm

in Tbong Kmom district Kompong Cham province. The offenders got angry and shot the

victim. The offenders ran off.

Apr 16: Two robbers - Hok Mom, 27 and Nam Phok, 36 - were arrested by police

after they robbed Phon's property at 10 pm in Prek Crabov III village Kandal province.

Nou Phon, 35 who is a house owner struggled and they tied her face. One of them ran


Apr 17: Two monks and two women were injured by a grenade explosion at

11:10 pm in Boeng Cheng Ek pagoda. The grenade was tossed into a crowd dancing on

the last day of Khmer New Year. Sources said that the thrower had an argument with

a man in the crowd.

Apr 17: Sok Samnang, a flying tiger policeman was seriously injured in

a traffic accident when a car driven by another policeman who is a drunkard. The

incident took place on Russian Blvd.

Apr 18: Heang, 20, was killed by a gun accidentally fired by Cheng Song

when he pulled out a gun to show his friend. Song was arrested by police when he

went to report about the accident. The incident took place at 10:20 pm #90Eo Sangkat

Monourom Khan Jan 7.

Apr 19: Ai Phea, 21, a new mother, was seriously injured by stabbing herself

two times with a knife. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. The incident took place

at Chrel commune Kompoung Tralach district Kompoung Chnang province.

Apr 19: Svay Phetra, 51, a moto-taxi driver was killed by three robbers

at 7:15 pm in front of Non Mony pagoda Sangkat Stung Meanchey. The offenders escaped

with the victim's motorcycle.

Apr 20: Vong Hong, 38, a Vietnamese man, was arrested by police after he

threatened Sev Me, 21, who is a house owner, with a knife for two Damlung of gold

(worth about $920) and tried to escape, but was caught by a mob of people.

Apr 20: Nop Sophak Pounarin, a policeman, was gunned down by unidentified

men at 6 pm in Kbab commune Sa Ang district Kandal province. The motive is still

being investigated.

Apr 21: Three of four opium smugglers, all immigration police, were arrested

by anti-drug police after they exchanged gunfire for about 10 minutes at 9 am near

Orissey market. Police confiscated 1 kg of opium and two cars. Another one escaped.

Apr 21: One person was killed and five were seriously injured by a group

of bandits launching a B40 rocket into a convoy of cars. One of injured is a Thai

national. The incident took place on the way to Cheal mountain from Kompong Speu.

The bandits escaped when soldiers arrived to help.

Apr 21: Young Kim Yath, 20, a student, committed suicide by hanging himself

behind his house earlier in the morning at Prek Cheng village Khien Svay district

Kandal province. He wanted his godmother to know that he did not steal any money

from her.

Apr 21: Leng Oun, 30, was killed by her drunkard husband who poured petrol

on her body and burned her down at 10 am in Ampel Tuk commune Kompong Chnang province.

The offender was arrested.

Apr 21: Two unidentified robbers were killed by two mobs of people in different

places after they attempted to rob a motorcycle. Another one escaped with a victim's


Apr 21: Chun Sem, 36, was gunned down by unidentified men They allege that

the victim knew about magic. The incident took place in Samrong Tong district Kompong

Speu province. The offenders ran off.

Apr 21: Thong Bunthea, 38, a monk, was seriously injured when a group of

bandits struck him with rocks and kicked him until he was unconscious at 8 am in

Boeng Nok village Pursat province. The offenders escaped with 10 million riels, the

money that the monk saved for three years to build a pagoda.

Apr 22: Eleven people died and 12 people were injured in a traffic accident

on Rte 5 in Mongol Borai district 18 km from Banteay Meanchey province. The accident

was caused by a Nissan and a truck that drove in opposite directions too fast.

Apr 22: Eight people died and another four were seriously injured in a

traffic accident at 10 am on National Road 4 in Kompong Speu province. All the victims

were in a taxi driving too fast and hit a truck coming in the opposite direction.

The truck driver escaped without taking a truck.

Apr 22: Sok Son, 37, a Stung Treng military policeman, was run down by

a car at 7 pm on Russian Blvd. The reason is the victim's moto was hit by another

moto and he fell down in the road. Suddenly a car arrived and ran over his head.

Apr 22: Chum Piset, 16, was gunned down by Heng Vesna, 20, after the victim

struck the offender's head. The incident took place at 1:20am on Street 271. The

offender ran off without taking his AK47 gun.

Apr 24: Two sex traders - Le Thy Minh Young 27 and Kwean Yang Tom, 40,

- were arrested by police, because they stole a virgin girl for an American man at

the La Palliote hotel for $400 for five days. The 15 year-old victim said that she

was raped twice and then he let her go and gave another $200, because she bled non

stop. The sexual traders confessed that they bought her from her parents for $300.

Apr 24: Chean Vor, 18, a monk, died at Kossamak hospital after a fishermen

shot him in a motorboat when the boat ran over their net in the sea in Sre Ambel

district Koh Kong province.

Apr 25: Two policemen - Chev Hour and Heng - fell unconscious by poison

after a Vietnamese girl invited them to enjoy drinking and sleeping with her in her

rented house at Sangkat Stung Meanchey. The girl escaped with the victim's motorcycle.

Apr 26: Chem Lon, 26, was killed by electric shock in Sangkat Tuk Laok

I when he tried to connect a cable on the roof of his brother's house.

Apr 26: Son Chanthy, 36, a road cleaning worker, was killed by a motorcycle

which hit her cart that she pushed across the road.

Apr 28: Sim Ses, 14, was killed in a gun accident. Sin Davin was holding

a gun which fell to the floor after he had polished it. The gun went off.

- Summarized from Khmer newspapers Kos Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Bou



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