Police blotter: 03 july 1998

Police blotter: 03 july 1998


june 18: Fisherman Him Sman, 55, was shot dead by an unidentified man who

tried to enter his house in Chrang Chamres precinct, Russei Keo district. When the

assailant escaped, he shot and injured another man, Rim Sman, who was sitting with

his wife in front of his house. The motivation of the attack is not known as the

assailant has not been arrested.

June 18: A commune policeman, Seng Kheavuth, was shot dead while he was swinging

his son to sleep in his house in Tongrong commune, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham.

Three unidentified men shot him with an AK-47 from under his wooden house and then

escaped. A commune authority said that this was a revenge crime as there was nothing


June 19: Two robbers, Srey Y, 33, and Doung Sovannary, were shot dead by police

and militia in Choam Chao precinct, Dang Kor district after they robbed a motorbike

from a motor taxi driver. The moto driver reported to the local police for help.

The police followed them but they tried to escape from arrest and the police shot

them dead.

June 19: Pov, 23, a dealer at Holiday International Casino was found dead

in the park on Sisowath St. A witness at the spot said that at 2:15am, four men took

the victim in a car to the park, where they beat him to death. The perpetrators escaped

while a witness ran to report to the police. The motive for the killing is not known.

June 19: Tang Thearn, 18, a security guard at a wood processing company on

Street 558, Boeung Kak 1st precinct, Toul Kork district, shot himself dead with an

AK-47 in the company compound. A local newspaper said that Thearn was upset with

his parents who were always quarreling with each other. He tried to stop them all

the time but it was useless.

June 20: Two police officers, Khlok Hong, 27, and Chheang Vannak, 33, along

with two unemployed men, Phong Heng, 39, and Ngan Kim Soon, 40, were arrested in

connection with two cases of kidnapping - on March 6 and on May 3. In the May kidnapping,

the victim, Leang Soyan, 15, was killed in Kampong Chhnang province after one of

their accomplices was shot dead by police.

June 21: Seng Vichet, 8, who was kidnapped on June 20 while he was playing

in the yard of his primary school in Mohamontrei Pagoda, was released unharmed after

his father paid $10,000. Vichet's father refused to elaborate on how he contacted

the kidnappers to have his son released, as he fears for their safety.

June 22: Long Ratana, 36, hung himself in Stung Mean Chey precinct, Mean Chey

district. The wife of the victim, Seng Thenleang, 33, said Ratana had a mental disorder

for a long time and this may be the reason that he committed suicide.

June 23: Pech Sam Ath, 38, committed suicide by taking an overdose of tablets

in Samrong Thom commune, Kieng Svay district, Kandal. A witness at the spot said

that Sam Ath's husband, Hot Hat, 47, drinks almost every day and he always beats

her when he is drunk and she committed suicide because she could not endure any further


June 23: Chan Vichet, 40, was shot dead in front of his house in Thia commune,

Kandieng district, Pursat. The criminal escaped after the shooting. A local newspaper

reported that Vichet had a conflict with a villager who accused him of using black

magic to make the mother of the villager sick. This conflict may be the motivation

for the killing.

June 24: Chin Sopha, 20, a junk collector was electrocuted by a power line

which fell on his neck while he was trying to put out a fire at a garbage dump. He

was afraid that the fire would spread to the houses of people nearby in Stung Meanchey

precinct, Meanchey district.

June 24: Chan Na, 13, died and Phan Phon, 13, was injured while playing with

a Russian-made hand grenade as they were tending their cows in a field in Sieng Kvieng

commune, Kamchay Meas district, Prey Veng. Chan Na threw the grenade against a tree

trunk about 2 meters from him and the grenade exploded.

June 25: A navy officer, Pech Sareth, 31, was shot twice in the head with

an AK-47 in his car in Niroth precinct, Meanchey district, on Route 1. The assailant

escaped in another car with his accomplices after the shooting. Police at the spot

said their preliminary speculation is that revenge was the motive for the killing

because none of Sareth's belongings were stolen.

June 25: Long Sokha, 34, was found strangled to death with a pair of trousers

in her house on Street 144, Phsar Kandal 1st precinct, Daun Penh district. The sister

of the victim, Long Kimly, said a watch and a necklace worth about $300 and a ring

worth $1,000 were stolen from the victim. The robber has not been arrested.

June 25: A farmer, Eang Nang, 32, was shot dead with an AK-47 by unidentified

assailants while he was sleeping in his house in Seda commune, Tambe district, Kampong

Cham. The district police said this was a revenge killing. The assailants have not

been arrested.

June 26: Chhoy Oeun, 30, was shot dead by five unidentified men armed with

rifles while he was looking for his cows behind his house in Kak commune, Ponhea

Krek district, Kampong Cham. Local authorities said that this crime was a robbery

and the robbers wanted to steal his cows and other property because he was wealthier

than other villagers. They could not take anything because the shots were heard by

other people and they escaped in a panic.

June 26: An unemployed man, Pech Sinol, 36, was shot dead with a K-59 handgun

by an unidentified man while Sinol was sleeping in his house in Sourn commune, Tbaung

Khmum commune, Kampong Cham. The criminal escaped without stealing his belongings.

Sinol used to be a pig butcher and had two wives. He had survived two previous attempts

on his life. Police said he was executed in revenge.

June 27: Four men were arrested in connection with the killing of an Iraqi

man, Falah J. Mohamad, 36, whose body was found by villagers in Samrong Tong district,

Kampong Speu on June 22. A local newspaper reported that the four men - Sok Sakrethya,

24, Kong Leakna, 24, Chhun Rothanavisal, 20, and Mak Viseth, 25 - confessed that

they killed Falah in an attempt to extort 25 million baht from him.

According to local newspapers, Falah arrived in Phnom Penh on June 19. He was invited

by the four criminals to join a party held by their company in Phnom Penh. Police

said they were introduced to Falah by a Thai man, Charles Monjikol. In Phnom Penh,

Falah was welcomed by the four criminals and was later taken to a house in Toul Kork,

where they killed him and then transferred his body to Kampong Speu.

Moung Sothea, the chief of criminal scene examination office of the Ministry of Interior

said the victim was found with his neck and nose broken, his left thigh shot, his

mouth stuffed with handkerchiefs and covered with several layers of tape. The body

is being kept at the morgue at Calmette Hospital until it is claimed by embassy officials

or relatives.

June 27: The body of Cheng Sokdet, 44, a security guard from a tire factory

in Takmao, was found in Prek Kampes commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal. The throat

of the victim was cut with an ax. Sokdet's family said that only his motorbike was

stolen. Provincial police are investigating the crime.

June 28: A security guard at Golden Gate Hotel, Vann Soksamnal, 27, was shot

dead by his colleague, Em Rithy, 31, with an AK-47 in front of the hotel. The criminal

escaped after the shooting. Soksamnal and Rithy had argued with each other over a

game of cards just before the incident.


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