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Police Blotter: 07 January 2000

Police Blotter: 07 January 2000



December 24: Hou Lek, 31, a teacher, was robbed of his motorbike at 9:40 pm

while riding slowly on street 136 toward his house in Psah Kandal 2 precinct, Daun

Penh district. Police said the victim was stopped and had a K-54 handgun pointed

at him by six unidentified robbers who took his motorbike and escaped safely.

December 24: Mil Vany, 39, a moto-taxi driver, was robbed at 6:30 am while

collecting payment from a customer in Toul Svay Prey 2 precinct, Chamcarmon. Police

said the victim had a K-59 handgun pointed at his chest by the customer who was abetted

by two other robbers who took his motorbike and escaped safely.

December 24: A 24-year-old food seller, Khut Na, was robbed of her motorbike

at 8:00 am while riding on Samdech Sothearos Blvd in Tonle Basac commune, Chamcarmon

district. Two unidentified robbers escaped safely.

December 25: Sok Yen, 21, a pupil, was shot with a K-59 handgun and seriously

wounded in a small quarrel at midnight while he was dancing in Toul village, Angsnoul

district, Kandal. Police said the victim was shot once in his nose by a 19- year-old

assailant Penh Pheap who escaped safely after the incident.

December 25: A 4-year-old girl and her 14-year-old brother died in a fire

at night while sleeping in a haystack near their house in Ta Mok village, Tram Kak

district, Takeo. The victims are children of a 30-year-old farmer Hul Tak. Police

said the fire started when one of the three accidentally upset a kerosene lamp used

for studying.

December 26: Lor Kimleng, 36, was stabbed and seriously injured at 9:30 pm

while trying to rescue a girl from gangsters on street 349 in Boeng Kak 1 precinct,

Toul Kok district. Police said the victim was stabbed six times in his chest and

stomach by five gangsters who attempted to capture a garment worker for sexual relations.

December 26: Seang Thoeun, 26, was found dead in the early morning in a haystack

located in Sam Rong Tieu village, Dongkor district, outside the city. The reason

is not known, however police said the victim, who is a blacksmith, died from dizziness

after taking a rest from threshing rice.

December 27: Bun Daravuth, 29, died instantly in an accident at 10:30 pm while

riding a motorbike on Russian Federation Blvd and hit an electrical post in Ta Ngoun

village, Dangkor district. Police said the victim, a truck driver from Meng Sreang

company, was very drunk, and his neck was broken.

December 27: Ul Chandeth, 29, a private English teacher, was found dead at

night in a guest house located in O'Russei precinct, 7 January district. The reason

is not known, however, after inspection police said the victim who has two younger

sisters and always paid $30 per month for rent, died from dizziness after taking

dinner and going to bed.

December 28: Prach Sovanneat, 26, was found dead by hanging at 6:30 am in

Teuk Laak 3 precinct, Toul Kok district. Police said the victim, who came from Prey

Veng province to be a worker at a construction shop, killed himself at his boss's

house after he tried to woo the daughter of his boss but his advances were refused

by her parents.

December 28: A 51-year-old man, Hoeum Haumab, was found dead at 10:30 am on

street 142 in Psah Thmei 1 precinct. The reason is not known, however police said

the victim who is a vagrant was very drunk and died after falling down from dizziness.

The body was sent to Wat Koh pagoda to wait for his relatives for cremation.

December 28: Hong Vuthy, 29, a moto-taxi driver, was robbed at 6:20 pm while

carrying two robbers on street 173 in Toul Svay Prey 1 precinct, Chamcarmon. Police

said that an unidentified robber was captured and beaten to death by citizens and

another who had a K-59 handgun escaped empty-handed after exchanging fire with authorized


December 28: An unidentified man was captured and beaten to death at 5:00

pm after he robbed a motorbike and tried to escape in Boeng Keng Kang precinct. Police

said the victim Hun Hurn, 25, a bodyguard of Senate President Samdech Chea Sim, was

robbed while waiting for his wife to buy food at Boeng Keng Kang market.

December 29: A 63-year-old woman, Pol Van, a farmer, was burned and seriously

injured at 7:00 pm while she was pouring kerosene into a lamp and it caught fire.

The incident happened in Prey Sniat village, Piaraing district, Prey Veng. Police

said the victim died after being sent to Preah Kosamak hospital in Phnom Penh.

December 29: Four robbers were arrested at 6:00 am by municipal police after

they robbed a motorbike on street 199 in Tomnop Teuk precinct, Chamcarmon. Police

confiscated one motorbike from these robbers and handed it back to the victim. The

robbers were identified as Hun Samoeun, 18, Kruy Sambo, 19, Sim Ra, 24, and Ou Virak,


December 30: Two people died and four others were seriously injured in an

accident at midnight on Russian Federation Blvd in Teuk Thla market precinct, Russei

Keo district. Police said the victims died on the spot while riding a motorbike on

the sidewalk, and it was hit by a car driven by Chinath who was very drunk. The driver

was arrested.

December 30: Kao Ly, 72, was beaten and seriously injured by his friend at

10:10 pm because of a dispute over a millennium bug that is rumored to kill people

who fail to eat rice cakes wrapped in a banana leaf. The incident happened in Teuk

Laak 1 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the assailant Tan Sokha, 58, was very angry

when his friend refused to eat the cake. Tan Sokha, was also beaten and seriously

injured by Kao Savuth, 23. The men later died in a hospital.

December 31: Pach Bath, 45, was chopped and seriously injured at 7:30 pm while

he was arguing with his wife in Anlong village, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang.

Police said the victim was chopped once on the right side of his body by his father-in-law

Chhit, 70, who was very angry when his son-in-law cursed and looked down on him.

January 2: An unidentified thief was beaten and seriously injured by villagers

at 9:30 am while he and his accomplice were stealing a motorbike and tried to escape

in Boeng Kak 2 precinct, Toul Kok district, Phnom Penh. Police said that one thief

was captured and beaten to death after the incident and the other escaped safely.

January 2: Muth Try was stabbed and seriously injured in a quarrel at noon

while touching a rooster at a cock-fighting place in Prey Romeas village, Kandal.

Eyewitnesses said the victim, who was accused of using sleeping pills to drug a cock,

was stabbed once in his chest by Muth Samath. The assailant was arrested after the


January: 2: Two relatives, Sek Lanh, 25, and Sek Theap, 26, were chopped to

death at 2:30 pm while cutting logs in a forest in Veal Roveang village, Kampong

Chhnang. Police said the victims were killed by a neighbor, Chhoeun, 50, who escaped

after the incident. The motivation for the killing is believed to be revenge caused

from a land dispute.

January 3: The body of a 40-year-old man Sim Saroeun was found floating in

the Bassac river in front of Russei Chroy pagoda in Saang district, Kandal. Police

said the victim, a farmer from Takeo province, was killed five days ago while he

was coming to attend his niece's engagement ceremony. The motivation for the killing

is not known.


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