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Police Blotter: 09 August 1996

Police Blotter: 09 August 1996



July 11: Two policemen, Prak Sam Art and Lin Hun, were shot and killed

by another man at Takhmao theatre. Witnesses said the three men loved the same prostitute.


July 12: A 14-year-old girl was raped by her neighbor, Kim Sok, 26, at

Sankat Srah Chak. Sok was arrested by local police.

July 12: Thann Yun, 21, was knocked unconscious after an unidentified intruder

broke a beer bottle over his head as he lay sleeping in front of his house at Chroy

Changvar village at 2am.. Yun was described by a nightbor as a man who always went

out late at night.

July 12: Five people living in a house were wounded, four of them seriously,

by a houseguest, Chhuong Thira, 22, at midnight at Kraper Har village, Kandal province.

Three of them had knife wounds to their necks, one was shot in the hip and another

had a cut finger. Chira, 22, a classmate of one of the victims, said after he was

arrested that he wanted revenge because his friend would not lend him $50.

July 13: One of three motorbike robbers was shot dead by local police while

trying take a Viva moto from two people, near a restaurent in Prek Leap district,

Phnom Penh.

July 14: Phal Sopeak, 14, had his left eye smashed by his neighbor, Sok

Huon, 16. Sopheak, who sold peanuts, said Huon had eaten the peanuts without paying,

and when he tried to stop Huon, he was attacked. Doctors at Ang Duong hospital said

they would waive the $70 fee for removing Sopheak's eye, replacing it with a glass

one, because he was so poor.

July 16: A Landcruiser belonging to the Singapore Embassy was found in

a house in Po Njear Krek district, Kampong Cham by 20 Ministry of Interior police.

People at the place said on June 15, three days after the robbery, two men with military

uniforms drove the car to the house.

July 17: Two policemen in the Department of Counter Terrorism were arrested

an hour after robbing two motorbikes in Takeo province.

July 17: Two trainee drivers were arrested immediately after they had crashed

a car into a small house at Prei Thom village, Kandal, killing three people and injuring

two inside.

July 18: Two men, Pann Vanna, 28 and Pann Nay, 27 were shot and killed

after trying to escape from police at the Phnom Penh-Kandal border post. Police said

the two were former prisoners who had committed nearly 30 robberies and many murders.

July 19: Ouch Tuy broke out of Kandal prison by using acid to eat away

at an iron grate covering his window, A Kandal police officer said he wondered who

had given Tuy a bottle of acid.

July 18: Gnuon Long, 45, who was angry at his policemen son Nguon Prak

Thy, 21, for stealing money, a television, a tape recorder and video from his family,

tried shooting Thy when he refused to stay at home. Thy tried shooting back at his

father. Both missed. Police intervened but in the end arrested Thy.

July 19: A man in green shorts and brightly-colored flowered T-shirt

was found dead of stab wounds near Prek Hou bridge in Takhmao, Kandal. Police said

the body had been there for at least three days.

July 20: The International Travel & Tours office on Pasteur St was

robbed of two computers, a printer, a telephone and a voltage regulator. Police said

maybe the thieves used to work at the office. Four days later, police had recovered

90 per cent of the stolen goods and had returned them to the travel agent.

July 20: A CMAC officer, Chear Sam Art, 45, and his moto-taxi driver, Duy

Doch, 41, were knocked down and killed on the Russien Blvd, near Potchentong Airport

by an old bus. The bus driver disappeared.

July 22: A schoolgirl Ly Da, 13, was killed when brick work over a gate

fell down on top of her, after a nearby wall had been knocked by a garbage truck.

The driver escaped.

July 23: Two men in civilian clothes shot six times at Eng Sokhom, 30,

when they robbed her Royal moto in Phnom Penh. All the shots missed.

July 23: Chhien Chomreun, 6, fell face down into a hot pan of oil after

going to embrace his mother who was frying bananas. Chomreun's family had arrived

from Battambang for their grandmother's cremation but had no money to return, so

Chomreun's mother was making money selling cooked bananas.

July 24: Three men with K59 handguns and an axe broke into a house in Teuk

Laak district and stole a Cab 70 motocycle, three pieces of gold jewellry, and $1200

cash. Ouv Ngeth, 31, said her husband, Ros Sophal, 35, was tied up during the robbery

and said the robbers may be Vietnamese.

July 24: An 86-year-old widower, Sam Chear, had to pay compensation of

30,000 riels and nine chi of gold to a 12-year-old neighbor he raped while she was

watching the Olympics one morning. Chear said he could not suppress his desire for

the girl who was staying in the house alone, and had given her 500 riel and told

her to say nothing.

July 25: Moto-driver Chhim Hong, 37, was arrested in Ou Russei market after

he had talked girls aged nine and 13 into giving him their gold earrings.

July 26: Twenty houses near Psar Touch, northwest of Chroy Changvar brigde,

were burnt to the ground. A Vietnamese couple who rented the house where the fire

is thought to have begun disappeared. Police arrested two men, Chhieng Hieng, 34,

and Ros Vey, 24, who were looting the burnt-out remains of the houses.

July 27: A grenade was thrown from a Landcruiser at 3:30am, exploding in

front of a house on St 278. No-one was injured, and police said it was a game played

by drunken men.

July 28: A Vietnamese national Ly Sang, 43, was beaten up by a crowd of

20 people south of Psar Thmei market before being arrested by police. He confessed

to taking items from a car. Police said Sang was a vagrant who always stole things.

July 29: Twelve Tuol Kork houses were burned down at 4:10am after a big

quarrel between a brothel owner, Hueang Thythy, and three men. The men were trying

to release a prostitute Thythy was keeping, when the fire broke out during the fight.

August 2: Ly Puthy, 23, was arrested in a Phnom Penh nightclub after he

shot at another motorbike rider, wounding a bystander. Puthy said he did fire the

gun, but did not realise he had shot anybody so he went dancing.

August 2: Pov Sopeak, 33, and Sok Phallar, 32, were arrested in Tuol Kork

for trafficking in women. A 19-year-old girl was told she would be sewing in a garment

factory but Sopeak sold her for $120 to Phallar.

August 6: Yargn Loem, 42, and Pov Saruon, 39, were arrested by police in

Tuol Kork after they had tried to catch a dog in a big bag. The two said they sold

dogs they caught to a restaurant for up to 20,000 riels each.

- (Complied by Soly Vannpok and Chhun Phaveng from Khmer newspapers Koh Santapheap,

Rasmei Kampuchea and Chakraval)


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