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Police Blotter: 09, June 2000

Police Blotter: 09, June 2000



May 22: Leng Sothea, 45, a gold seller, was robbed by six assailants as

he arrived home from the market in the afternoon. The incident took place at Kampuchea

Krom Blvd, Toul Kok district. The robbers escaped with 10 damleung of gold, 3,000

baht, and four million riel.


May 22: Three men - Path Sopheap, 29, Path Sopheak, 22 and Van Bol, 29

- were arrested after they kidnapped a three-year-old child, Thy San, in an attempt

to force the child's parents into repaying a debt. The parents had just sold some

land, so the assailants believed they had some cash. The three men were arrested

in Takeo where they were holding the child.

May 22: Sun Piseth, 48, was arrested by police after he shot dead his wife

in a fit of jealousy in Krang Scor commune, Tuek Pos district, Kampong Chhnang province.

A witness said that Piseth had no proof that his wife was having an affair but he

had believed village gossip that said she was a woman of poor reputation. After the

shooting Piseth walked to the police station and gave himself up.

May 24: Lim Pich, chief of the administrative office of Siem Reap police,

was shot dead by Colonel San Lon while he was playing cards with six other policemen.

A witness said San Lon had been with the group but went off to drink fermented palm

juice. When he returned he was drunk and opened fire on Lim Pich and the rest of

the group.

May 25: Em Kosal, 28, and Ol Ry, 22, were arrested after they killed their

friend to rob him of his motorcycle. A source said the killers persuaded the victim

to visit Phnom Tamao park where they plied him with drink. They then killed him on

the journey back to his home at Chambok Trop village, Kandal province.

May 26: A robber, Chon Ratana, 21, was arrested by police in Phnom Penh

along a Toul Kok street, for robbing a moto-taxi driver six days earlier.

May 27: Tao Kheang, 33, was killed after he hit an old 105 mm rocket to

recover the metal casing. A witness said Kheang had originally taken the 105 mm rocket

into his brother's house where he attempted to smash it. His brother stopped him

so Kheang continued his attempts outside. The rocket eventually exploded, depositing

Kheang's body on to neighbors' roofs and tree tops.

The incident took place at Kor 1 village, Sangkat Sras Chok, Daun Penh district,

Phnom Penh.

May 29: Pim Poeuy, 51, and Tou Barang, 48, were killed by robbers during

a motorcylce robbery in Pouk district of Banteay Meanchay province.

May 29: Mao Bara, 33, committed suicide by hanging himself.The incident

took place at 5 pm in Prek Sasay village, Peom Ro district, Prey Veng province. His

wife, Lay Heng, said he been away from home for two days and when he returned he

had injuries to his chest but refused to say what had happened. He was also very

emotional, swinging from tears to manic laughter. Neighbors concluded that he had

become possessed by evil spirits.

May 30: Seven people were killed and one seriously wounded when a truck

ran over an anti-tank mine at the border of Svay Chek and O'Chum districts in Banteay

Meanchay province. Yal Sovuthy commander of Banteay Meanchay army base said the truck

carried supplies for the soldiers on duty in the area. He said the mine was a remnant

from the war.

May 31: Sek Sopheap, 38, a cutlery shop owner, was robbed by three masked

men who tied up her and her children. The incident took place at 2 am in her house

in street 148, Psar Kandal 2, Phnom Penh. The offenders escaped with a platinum necklace,

diamond pendant, 6000 baht and 30,000 riel. Later one of the robbers, Cheng Rim,

19, was arrested.

May 31: A 41-year-old woman, Seav Vuch Soung, who hired a man to kill her

husband and Chay Sopha, 31, who contacted the killer on her behalf, were arrested

by police in Phnom Penh. Police said RCAF Colonel Touch Chaovibol, 50, was killed

in October, 1999, by former military policeman Heng Narith, 34, who was paid $3,500

by the victim's wife. After Chay Sopha found the killer, Vuch Soung was paid $1,000

and called her husband who worked at Kampong Speu to come home. When he arrived Narith

shot five bullets into him, killing him. His wife then had a celebratory drink with

Narith and paid him another $1,000. She gave him the balance during her husband's

seven-day-long funeral. Heng Narith has not been arrested.

June 2: A 10-year-old boy drowned in the pond at the TV5 station during

the International Childrens Day celebration. He had told his friend he was going

down to the pond bank to clean his feet but he never returned. Police concluded that

the boy died by accident because there were no marks on the body.

June 2: Huy Sakhon, a moto-taxi driver, was killed by relatives of murder

victim Son Channa. They cut and chopped him to death at Trapeng Chok village, Khan

Russey Keo, Phnom Penh. Police said Huy Sokhon had killed Son Channa, who was a policeman,

on May 29 after a minor dispute.

June 3: Tit Torn, 36, was found dead in a rice field at Preng Bai Dom village,

Prey Chor district, Kampong Cham province by farmers who were plowing the field.

Police concluded the victim was killed by robbers who stole his motorcycle, because

he had severe head injuries and his motorcycle was missing. Police are still searching

for the offenders.

June 4: Chop Chum, 60, was shot dead by unidentified men while he visited

his son in Kamreng village, Kan Trouk commune, Kandal province. The victim was accused

of sorcery. Police concluded that the real motivation was revenge.

June 4: Two children, Pich Toro, 9, a boy, and Thach Rachana, 8, a girl

were seriously wounded when they hit a 60 mm rocket for fun at the Ream navy base

in Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville. Toro's father had heard them hitting something

but he did not realize they were playing with an unexploded rocket.


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