Police Blotter: 09 May 2003

Police Blotter: 09 May 2003


APRIL 25: Police arrested Nep Tal, 32, after he was accused of a rape committed

the previous day in Krabei Riel village, Siem Reap province. Police said he had raped

a 52-year-old woman who was returning home after harvesting a crop of dry season

rice that morning.

APRIL 25: A 14-year-old girl was raped at 8 pm while hunting for frogs in

a rice field in Sophy Pi village, Battambang province. Police said she was raped

by her 44-year-old stepfather, who threatened to kill her if she told her mother.

The girl told police that her father had raped her twice previously at night. Her

stepfather was later arrested.

APRIL 26: Sot Heang, 56, was charged for a sexual assault committed two days

previously in Pralai village, Staung district, Kampong Thom. Police said he assaulted

an 11-year-old girl while she was guarding a watermelon field next to her farm.

APRIL 27: Tim Chhai, 22, was beaten to death at midnight while he and four

friends were driving on motorbikes along National Road 6 in Psar Skun precinct, Choeung

Prey district, Kampong Cham. Witnesses told police that Chhai was beaten with a stick

by ten people who were likely trying to steal his motorbike. Two of the assailants

were arrested at the scene.

APRIL 27: Chhum Chhoeun, 37, died instantly during a crash at 8:30 pm on National

Road 2 in Chak Angre Krom precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said Chhoeun, an employee

at the Public Works Department in Kandal province, was struck head-on by a truck

while driving his motorbike. His two passengers were severely injured.

APRIL 27: Tat Chauk, 40, a farmer, was found dead at 4 pm in Traing village,

Phnom Srok district, Banteay Meanchey. Police said he was axed in the head and face

while plowing his rice field at the start of the rainy season. They suspect robbery

as his cows were stolen.

APRIL 28: In Oung, 65, was beaten and seriously injured during a robbery at

7 pm in Romeas Chhor village, Kampong Trabak district, Prey Veng. The victim told

police that four gunmen threatened him with an AK-47, then hit him several times

with a stick. They escaped on foot after stealing three chi of his gold.

APRIL 28: Kour Leat, 52, a Chinese translator at a garment factory, was sent

to Calmette Hospital for treatment after being seriously injured in a robbery at

9 pm in Prek Ho village, Takhmau district, Kandal. Police said three robbers blocked

his path and struck him on the back of the head with a stick before stealing his

motorbike, a telephone and $300 in cash.

APRIL 29: Lusy, 29, a Chinese national who worked as the administration manager

at the Yung Wah Garment Factory, was shot dead at 6:30 am while driving her car to

work on Street 95 in Boeung Trabak precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said two masked gunmen

broke a windshield, shot her six times with a K-59 handgun, then escaped on a motorbike.

Police said it was likely a revenge attack as her possessions were not stolen.

APRIL 29: Meas Ung, 47, a motodop driver from Trapaing Sap village, Takeo

province, was found dead at 5:30 am in Tuol Sangke village, Russei Keo district,

Phnom Penh. Police said he was likely murdered by his passengers who stole his motorbike

the previous night.

APRIL 29: Nhim Ran, 33, was beaten to death after trying to steal two chickens

from his neighbor's house in Trapaing Svay village, Prey Kabas district, Takeo province.

Police said he was arrested then murdered by a mob.

APRIL 30: Police arrested a 33-year-old pregnant woman, Yem Choeun, after

a murder committed the previous day in Banteay Krang village, Krakor district, Pursat.

Police said Choeun had killed her neighbor, Lim Lorn, 47, who was drunk. Lorn was

stabbed in the chest and later died after he tried to hit Choeun, who refused to

hand over 1,500 riel her husband owed Lorn.

APRIL 30: San Samith, 39, was knifed to death during an argument at 9 pm in

Sdao Korng village, Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng. Police said he was chopped in the

temple by Sin Yoeun, 47, who then ran away. Police said Yoeun was angry after he

heard a rumor that Samith was sleeping with his wife.

MAY 1: Police arrested Vor Boeut, 25, after he was accused of attempted murder

in Bak Snar village, Barai district, Kampong Thom. Soeu Sokchea, 40, told police

that Boeut tried to shoot her with an AK-47 after she returned home from watching

TV at a neighbor's house. Boeut told police that Bou Sim, 25, had promised him 250,000

riel if he killed Sokchea.

MAY 1: Ly Heang, 43, a gold vendor at Chbar Ampoe market, was robbed while

returning home at 4 pm in Doeum Ampil village, Meanchey district, Phnom Penh. The

woman told police that three gunmen on two motorbikes threatened her, then beat her

on the head with the butt of a handgun before stealing her money bag that contained

more than $10,000.

MAY 1: Tinh Chhoun Fong, a Chinese national, was knifed and seriously injured

during an argument at 3 pm in Psar Doeumkor precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said he

was chopped in the head by his friend, Xiao Chengze, 47, who is also a Chinese national.

Chengze was angry after Fong asked him to repay $230 he owed him. Police arrested

the assailant for questioning.

MAY 2: Police arrested a 34-year-old man, Nout Chhoeun, after a murder was

committed in Daun Tei village, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham. The man told police

he had killed his wife after she refused to have sex with him in the early morning

before leaving for her day job in the market. Pil Sinath, 31, was knifed three times

and died later at the district hospital.

MAY 2: Police arrested Cheang Chit, 20, after he was accused of a murder committed

two weeks earlier in Chrek village, Bateay district, Kampong Cham. Chit confessed

to police that he persuaded an 18-year-old girl, Yim Ra, to accompany him to a nearby

forest where he then raped her and killed her with a stick.

MAY 3: Sau Try, 20, died at the Chantrea Clinic after he was shot and wounded

in a robbery at around 8 pm while riding his motorbike in Tria village, Meanchey

district, Phnom Penh. A witness told police that two robbers blocked his path and

shot him in the chest with a K-59 handgun as he tried to fight them off. The men

escaped empty-handed after the police arrived.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun




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