Police Blotter: 1 February 2002

Police Blotter: 1 February 2002



JANUARY 17: Four villagers were killed during a robbery at 8:30 pm in

Thnong village, Kampong Cham province. Police said ten gunmen threw two grenades

into the victims' house and then stole a motorbike, a gold earring and a

platinum ring. Thun Tha, 20, one of the robbers, was shot dead during an

exchange of fire while trying to evade arrest.

JANUARY 17: Khuon Khien, 19, was shot and seriously wounded when

returning from a neighbor's festival ceremony in Speu village, Prey Veng

province. Her mother, Son Rin, 41, told police that three gunmen hidden in front

of the house shot her daughter in the stomach and arm. Police suspect revenge

since Khien left her husband a year earlier.

JANUARY 18: Tin Chek, 18, was knifed and severely injured in a family

quarrel in Rar Nguieng village, Siem Reap province. Police said Chek's throat

was cut by her father, Phloy Tin, 39, who later cut his own throat in a suicide

bid. Police said her father was angry that she wanted to get engaged.

JANUARY 18: Four forestry workers were found dead in the forest 15

kilometers from Sam Yong village, Phnom Preuk district, Battambang. Police said

the victims, Sam Rithy, 19, Phan Lim, 27, Ork Roeun, 35, and Hoeum Lay, 40, had

been tied up then shot with an AK-47. They suspect robbery was the motive as two

chainsaws and two watches were stolen.

JANUARY 19: Kun Dararithy, 34, was sent to Preah Kossamak Hospital for

treatment after being burned in a fire at 3:30 am at a guesthouse in Chey

Chumnas commune, Phnom Penh. Dara-rithy, a singer, told police he was set on

fire by two men who escaped. Police said revenge was the likely motive as

Dararithy had recently left his girlfriend after an argument.

JANUARY 19: The body of Noeu Thoeun, 26, was found in a rubber

plantation in Chrey Bit village, Thbaung Khmum district, Kampong Cham. Police

said Thoeun, a moto-taxi driver, was strangled two days earlier by a passenger

who stole his bike.

JANUARY 20: Chhim Sambo, 33, was sent to Calmette Hospital after being

shot and severely wounded during a robbery at around 3 am in Thmey village,

Ponhea Leu district, Kandal. His wife, Saut Chum, 40, who was also injured told

police that her husband, a petrol vendor, was shot by three gunmen who stole

$3,000 and 3 damleung of gold.

JANUARY 20: Lim Sokmouy, 37, a building materials shop owner, was

arrested at her husband's funeral ceremony. He was shot dead a week earlier in

Phnom Penh. Police accused Sokmouy and her lover, Sous Layheng, 35, of planning

the murder, and said Lay-heng, who was also arrested, paid two men $2,600 to

kill his rival.

JANUARY 20: Leng Sunnang, 40, a moto-taxi driver, was sent to Calmette

Hospital after he suddenly lost consciousness in O An-daung village, Mean Chey

district, Phnom Penh. Police said Sunnang, from Prey Veng province, was drugged

with sleeping pills after his passenger gave him a milk drink. His bike was


JANUARY 21: Yim Sokha, 37, a member of parliament from the opposition

Sam Rainsy Party, died instantly in a car crash on Route 4 in Steung Chral

precinct, Koh Kong province. Provincial Military Police Deputy Chief Sreng Hong

said the car's left tire blew out at high speed causing the car to crash. His

assistant, Lim Samay, 25, was seriously injured and was sent to the Russian

Hospital in Phnom Penh.

JANUARY 21: Ieng Koung, 17, died in Calmette Hospital after being

knifed in a revenge attack while sitting with his friends in a park in Chroy

Changvar precinct, Phnom Penh. His friend, Chea Sokhieng, 18, told police Koung

was chopped several times and beaten with a steel bar by six gangsters who then

escaped. One gangster has been identified to police.

JANUARY 22: A 32-year-old woman, Ly Da, was the victim of a robbery at

8:30 pm on Russian Federation Blvd, on Phnom Penh's outskirts. Police said Ly Da

was sent to Preah Kossamak Hospital after sustaining severe head injuries when

she fell from her bike as two men stole her bag. They got away with $180 and 3

chi of gold.

JANUARY 22: Lim Suy, 22, was arrested while trying to kickstart a

motorbike he stole in Tuol Tompoung 2 precinct, Phnom Penh. The motorbike's

owner, Soun Sophy, 17, told police Suy had threatened to kill her with a plastic

handgun while she was waiting for her front gate to open.

JANUARY 22: Khoeun Ny, 22, a moto-taxi driver, was found dead in a

forest in Sangke village, Phnom Preuk district, Battambang. Police said the

victim was shot three times in the head with an AK-47 and had his bike


JANUARY 23: Nay Pheng, 61, and her daughter, Sok Heng, 33, died in

Preah Kossamak Hospital after they were severely injured during a night time

blaze in Psah Chas precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said her 2-year-old daughter and

her maid also died. The reason for the fire is not known.

JANUARY 23: Thach Soeung, 50, was the victim of attempted robbery at

7:50 pm while he was on a motorbike driven by his 20-year-old son in Trapaing

Krasaing village, Dangkor district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Soeung told

police that three concealed gunmen shot him and his son in the leg with an


JANUARY 23: Sieng Tit, 63, and his two sons were kidnapped at 8:30 pm

while watching television at their house in Piem Kreng village, Kampong Thom

province. Sieng Suy, 22, one of the victims who was released to convey a message

to his family, said the kidnappers had demanded a ransom of $10,000 otherwise

they would be killed.

JANUARY 24: Pin Sary, 30, a policeman at the Ministry of Interior, was

found dead at 4:25 am in Boeng Trabak precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the

victim, who was a moto-taxi driver in his spare time, was shot in the back and

shoulder with a K-54 handgun and his motorbike was stolen.

JANUARY 25: Chea Sitha, 33, a moto-taxi driver, was the victim of an

attempted robbery at around 4 am in front of Pon Lok restaurant in Phnom Penh.

Police said Sitha was hailed by four men who threatened to kill him with a

hatchet. Two men escaped with his bike, while the other two, Mab Thun, 19, and

Toeu Thy, 19, were arrested while trying to run away.

JANUARY 25: Poeu Hok, 44, and his 7-year-old son, died after eating

dinner in their rice field in Boeng Krum village, Kandal province. Police said

the two had been poisoned with insecticide; they are searching for the


JANUARY 26: Tim Angkiara, 39, a Khmer film actress, was shot dead in a

quarrel at midnight in Srah Chak commune, Phnom Penh. Police said Angkiara was

shot in the face with a K-59 handgun by her husband, Vong Chandavy, 40, a

lieutenant-colonel in the army. Tieng Sina, a neighbor who came to her

assistance, was shot and wounded after Chandavy accused him of being his wife's


JANUARY 27: A 28-year-old man, Sokha, was beaten to death in a mob

killing after an attempted robbery in Tuol Tompoung 1 precinct, Phnom Penh.

Police said Sokha had shot twice with a K-59 handgun at the owner of a

motorbike, but the bullets were duds. His body was sent to Tuol Tompoung pagoda

for cremation.

JANUARY 27: Poeu Veasna, 33, a jewelry vendor, was sent to Calmette

Hospital after he was severely injured in a robbery at 7:10 am in Tuol Sangke

village, Russei Keo district, Phnom Penh. Police said Veasna was cornered and

beaten on the head with a gun by three men who stole 8 damleung of gold and some


- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei

Kampuchea by Aun Pheap


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