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Police Blotter: 11 March 2005

Police Blotter: 11 March 2005

FEBRUARY 25: Police killed one of three gunmen in an exchange of fire after the robbery of a motorbike from a woman at 7:45 p.m. in Psar Depot 2 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said two robbers escaped on the stolen motorbike and another accomplice ran into a Korean house where he took the owner as a hostage.

FEBRUARY 26: Two gunmen escaped after robbing a couple at 4:30 p.m. as they drove home on a motorbike from their telephone shop at Khlaing Romseav market, in Phnom Penh. Ngor Sun, 26, told police two robbers, driving on a motorbike, blocked his path and aimed a handgun at him. They then picked up his bag containing $1,000 cash and 33 modern phones valued at $4,000.

FEBRUARY 27: Hun Nuon, 28, was sent to Preah Kossamak Hospital for treatment after being knifed during a dancing argument at 10:30 p.m. in Prey Tear village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Witnesses told police that 10 people attacked Nuon with heavy knives, then they ran away. The assailants were angry after Nuon stepped on the foot of one of their people while rock dancing.

FEBRUARY 27: Taing Cham-roeun, 21, was shot and severely wounded in a nighttime robbery while sitting on a bench at Chea Sim park in Phnom Penh. Police said Chamroeun was shot in the stomach with a K-59 handgun while resisting two robbers who escaped on a motorbike after stealing his phone.

FEBRUARY 27: A 45-year-old woman, Kong Mol, died at a hospital from massive head injuries after she was beaten during an argument at 9:30 p.m. in Chong Kaosou village, Siem Reap province. Police said the woman was knocked on the head with a stick by a drunken nephew, Hang Khen, 28. Khen escaped into a nearby forest after the assault.

FEBRUARY 28: Lay Bunthoeun, 29, was arrested for a murder during a robbery that occurred two days earlier in Trapaing Por village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Police said Bunthoeun and two other accomplices killed a Taiwanese national, Yang Chung Chhoan, 62, stealing his phone and $50. Police said they strangled Chhoan and cut his throat with a knife while he was urinating in a toilet.

FEBRUARY 28: A 67-year-old man, Chum Phar, was arrested by police for questioning after his daughter accused him of rape in Sambour Meas village, Kampong Cham province. Police said the 23-year-old daughter, a widow, complained that the father raped her twice a week earlier. The woman said her father raped her again while working at a farm the previous day.

FEBRUARY 28: A 16-year-old girl, Vuth Sophorn, was murdered and her body dropped in a pond in Saing Raing village, Battambang province. Police reported that Sophorn was raped and killed in the morning while guarding a water pump at a rice field about 500 meters from her house.

MARCH 1: Yuo Sophay , 26, and his friend, Ouch Veasna, 24, were sent to Calmette Hospital for medical treatment after being shot during a robbery at 6:45 p.m. on Monivong Boulevard in Phnom Penh. A witness told police three people blocked Sophay's motorbike and shot him in the chest, then they shot Veasna in the stomach with a K-54 handgun after the two men tried to stop the robbers.

MARCH 1: Chuch Chandoeun, 22, was robbed of his motorbike at 6:45 p.m. while sitting and talking with his girlfriend at a park in front of Wat Botum in Phnom Penh. Chandoeun complained to police that one of three people aimed a handgun at him then stole his motorbike and a mobile phone.

MARCH 2: Two gunmen escaped on a motorbike after robbing a couple of gold vendors at 5:30 p.m. while they parked a motorbike in front of their house and waited for the door to open in Treng Trayoeung village, Kampong Speu province. Uy Eng, 40, said her husband Dul Pros, 44, was shot in the right eye after trying to resist a masked gunman who stole his jewelry bag containing hundreds of damleung of gold. Pros was sent to the provincial hospital, but was later transferred to Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh.

MARCH 2: A student at Norton University, Mom Sarak, 23, was sent to Calmette Hospital for surgery after being shot at midnight at Haven Restaurant in Psar Kandal 2 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said Sarak was shot in the back with a rifle by the restaurant's security guard after he broke four jugs and some glasses while drinking beer with ten other students. Two other people were wounded in the gun attack.

MARCH 2: Van Channa, 25, died at Calmette Hospital after being knifed two days earlier while asleep at midnight in Kampong Chosvar village, Kandal province. Police said Channa was chopped four times in the head and the face by Pau Vuthneang, 18, who escaped after the assault. Police said Vuthneang sought revenge after Channa criticized him for taking his bicycle for a full day.

MARCH 3: Chhaim Phally, 42, was robbed of her motorbike at around 6 a.m. while driving to the Electricité du Cambodge office where she worked, in Wat Phnom precinct, Phnom Penh. After the robbery, Phally went to a nearby police station and complained that three thieves blocked her path and aimed at her with a handgun before escaping on her bike.

MARCH 3: A boy tending cows found a skeleton in a forest in Prey Krasaing village, Kampong Speu province. Police said the skeleton probably belonged to an unidentified beggar who had gone missing one month ago from the village.

MARCH 4: Ngak Kimleng, 25, was knifed and severely injured during a land dispute at Lek Mouy village, Kandal province. Police said Kimleng was stabbed in the stomach by his uncle, Chheang Techun, 41. Police said Kimleng allowed Techun to stay on his land for a long time while he was poor, but Techun became angry after Kimleng ordered him to move from the land.

MARCH 4: Slaughterhouse owners Sen Slas, 43, and his wife Sen Srah, 42, were robbed at 8:30 p.m. in Thnal Tateung village, Kandal province. Slas told police five gunmen entered his house and knocked his wife down on the head with the handle of an AK-47 before stealing a moneybag containing $3,000 in US dollars, eight million riel and five damleung of jewelry.

MARCH 5: Kang Seap, 53, was shot in the leg at 7:30 p.m. in Chong Kaosou village, Siem Reap province. Eung Samphoas, 20, said two people shot five times over him and his mother with an AK-47, then escaped on a motorbike. Police said Samphoas was the target for the shooting because he had laughed at the two men when they fell down off their motorbike in front of his house.

MARCH 5: Two 20-year-old gunmen escaped after attempting to rob a motorbike driver at 9:45 a.m. in Bak Kheng village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Nin Visal told police the robbers shot his friend, Sen Rithy, 18, in the stomach with a handgun when Rithy tried to resist the thieves who escaped empty-handed on their motorbike, as Visal shouted out for help to stop the robbers.

MARCH 6: A jewelry vendor, Sou Sear, 61, was robbed at 11:45 a.m. while working at his shop in Psar Kandal 2 precinct, Phnom Penh. Sear told police three gunmen broke his jewelry case and collected more than 20 damleung of gold, and 10 damleung of platinum. Sear said the robbers shot twice over his shop with a K-59 handgun before fleeing on a motorbike. Mok Pisoth, 24, one of the suspects, was arrested on Road 6A while trying to escape.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun Pheap


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