Police blotter: 12 March 2013

Police blotter: 12 March 2013

Guards get juiced and fall asleep on the job
WHEN a complete stranger offers you free juice, caution is probably your best bet. Perhaps not realising this, or perhaps just fancying a bit of delicious juice, two guards at the K.S. Garment Factory, in the capital’s Sen Sok district, took the bait on Friday, promptly grew woozy and passed out, allowing thieves to steal 5,000 articles of clothing and three company computers. Police are now hunting for the thieves. The two guards, perhaps not surprisingly, are being eyed as potential suspects as well.  Kampuchea Thmey

Money woes get Pursat firebug all heated up
DISSATISFIED with his job working for his sister, an ungrateful sibling/burgeoning arsonist in Pursat got revenge the only way he knew how: by burning down her house. Police said the man had annoyed his sister with re-peated, and increasingly angry, requests for an advance on his salary. Finally fed up, she gave him the money, but told him his services were no longer required. Bad move. Luckily, no one was home during the Sunday blaze, but police say she should have seen it coming — he burned his own house down in 2011.  Nokorwat

Good girl gone bad goes on lam on stolen moto
POIPET police are on the hunt for a 25-year-old woman who absconded with more than $30,000 belonging to her mother and brother-in-law last week. Police said the woman, formerly employed at the Tropicano Casino, had taken up with a boyfriend who slowly got her into the drug scene. Now an addict, she’d stolen smaller amounts before. The duo are believed to be travelling on a moto stolen along with the
30 large.  Nokorwat

Kampot woman killed by venomous snake
AN ATTEMPT to capture and sell a snake ended in tragedy in Kampot’s Chhouk district on Monday. Family members said the 34-year-old victim was hunting for crabs with her son, 5, when they found a snake. Thinking it was worth more alive than dead, she captured it and tried to put it in a plastic bag to carry home. The snake bit her in the process, and she collapsed as she entered her home. Her husband rushed her to hospital, but not before she succumbed to the snake’s venom.  Koh Santepheap

Crafty con meets match in mindful market mark
A WOULD-BE  jewellery thief picked the wrong mark on Friday when she attempted the ol’ switcheroo on a Central Market vendor. Police said the 40-year-old asked to inspect a gold necklace, only to distract her and hand back a fake. The seller instantly spotted the phony and called out for help. Market security made a quick arrest, and the suspect was sent to court.  Nokorwat


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