Police Blotter: 13 Sep 2012

Police Blotter: 13 Sep 2012

Window-smashing moto thief pleads insanity
A man's moto-thieving plans were shattered when hotel security watched him break into a mirror window with an oversized rock. The 48-year-old man was allegedly skulking around the hotel in Phnom Penh’s Daun Penh district on Tuesday night, when he made his strike, attempting to steal a motorbike parked inside. Police were called and the man confessed, saying he was mentally ill. Nokorwat

Dark corners no place for shady business deal
A dark, quiet corner in Ban­teay Meanchey’s Poipet town seemed like the perfect place to do business for one alleged yama dealer, but patrolling po­­lice were instantly suspic­io­us. The solitary stranger tried to bolt but officers stopped him in his tracks, discovering 18 tablets of yama in his possession. The suspect said he bought the drug from another shady stranger he didn’t know and was waiting for a customer to turn up. Police sent him to the bright lights of court. Nokorwat

Sticky situation for one time fugitive on the run
Allegations stick, a Kandal Stung man found out on Tuesday when police arrested him for a crime committed way back in 2009. The suspect, 22, used a wooden stick to attack a villager he was having an argument with and then escaped into the provinces. However, a return visit home gave police the perfect opportunity to stick it to the alleged attacker, sending him to court the same day. Nokorwat

Bus driver nabbed after killing cow
A dead cow became a nonticket-holding passenger of a stressed-out bus driver after he allegedly hit and killed it on the way from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. The driver and his assistant loaded the cadaverous cow onto the bus and drove off, not realising the heifer’s grieving owner had seen the incident. The bovine caper ended when police chased the bus down and arrested the men. Nokorwat

Inflamed temper leads to self-inflicted arson
An argument over a missing mobile phone became overheated when an 18-year-old man allegedly attempted to set his own house on fire. The Kampot man had been drinking and was angry with a relative for taking his phone without asking, but was possibly misfiring when he grabbed a lighter and tried to set alight his own house. A neighbour intervened and reported the hot-head to the police, who are not sure if they will release him with a warning or send him to court. Kampuchea Thmey

Translated by Phak Seangly


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