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Police Blotter: 15 June 2007

Police Blotter: 15 June 2007

JUNE 1: A medical doctor, Chan Na, 43, was sent to a provincial hospital after

two gangsters injured him during a robbery while driving home on a motorbike with

a neighbor at 8:30pm in Khlaing Prak village, Kampong Chhnang province. The neighbor

said the two robbers blocked his path and chopped Chan Na with a hoe then escaped

empty-handed after he shouted for help. One of the two was identified as Kheam Chantha,


JUNE 2: Khan Touch, 24, was found hanging at 8:30am in Koh Tauch village,

Kandal province. Police said Touch committed suicide because he loved a girl and

wanted to marry her but his parents refused his proposal. His mother said her son

was angry and hanged himself from the roof of the house after their engagement was


JUNE 3: Police are looking for Chham Praing, 35, who escaped after injuring

his father-in-law, Or Hurn, 68, at 1:30pm in Chrous Tasom village, Kampot province.

Police said Praing was drunk and chopped Hurn in the head with an ax to stop him

arguing with his wife.

JUNE 3: Lai Sivutha, a police officer, was sent to Calmette Hospital for surgery

after being accidentally shot at 10:30pm in Tuol Sangke commune, Phnom Penh. Police

said Sivutha was shot once in the stomach by his colleague while they were trying

to stop an argument between two groups of gangsters. Police said the shooter promised

to pay the medical bill.

JUNE 4: Five gunmen escaped after robbing a gold vendor Phon Sophal, 39, while

he was sleeping at midnight in Krom village, Mouk Kampoul district, Kandal province.

Sophal complained to police that the robbers carrying AK-47s, entered the house and

threatened to kill the whole family if he shouted for help. Sophal said they collected

40 damleung of jewelry, $13,000 and 49 million riel in cash. Police later arrested

three of the five robbers who were Dy Hay, 26, Oun Da, 27, and Sun Khem, 25.

JUNE 4: Meas Sohtea, 27, was sent to Preah Ketomealea hospital for surgery

after being shot at midnight as he walked home with his three other friends in Chey

Chumnas commune, Phnom Penh. Police said Sothea was shot three times with a K-59

handgun. A friend told police an unknown man left his car and shot Sothea after he

crossed the street in front of his car.

JUNE 4: X.O Karaokay's Manager, Ken Thiriya, 28, was lifted from the river

after she jumped from the Cambodian Japan Friendship bridge at 9:30pm in Chrouy Changvar

commune, Phnom Penh. Police said Thiriya left a Lexus car and jumped from the bridge

while returning home with two friends Heng Lili, 29, Srey Na, 22. Lili said the suicide

was not related to a love affair as Thiriya recently complained that she owed a creditor

more than $10,000.

JUNE 4: Chhit Chantha, 33, was lifted from the river for examination after

police found her body floating in a river in Prek Praing village, Kratie province.

Police said Chantha was murdered elsewhere and her body dumped into the river. Police

said Chantha was killed after being raped and her belly opened up with an ax while

she was looking after her buffaloes.

JUNE 5: Tith Pisith, 25, was found dead in a lake at 7:40am after he went

missing four days ago in Trapaing Krasaing village, Kandal province. Police said

Pisith probably drowned while bathing when he was drunk.

JUNE 5: A drug dealer, Hong Bunthong 42 was sent to Calmette Hospital after

anti-drug police wounded him in the thigh when he was trying to escape arrest at

11:30am in Tumnop Teuk commune, Phnom Penh. Police said Bunthong, a police officer

at the tourism police department in the Ministry of Interior, tried to escape after

he was ordered to stop for inspection.

JUNE 5: Puoth Raksa, 31, was arrested after killing his wife, Sao Hean, 33,

in Svay Daun Y village, Svay Rieng province. Police said Raksa chopped Hean in the

neck and cut her throat with a cleaver while she was sleeping. Police said Raksa

was jealous, after Hean returned home from a neighbor's house where she danced with

people the previous night.

JUNE 6: Chouk Phearin, 18, and Chan Savurn, 17, were arrested for a murder

in Khnach Khang Tbong village, Takeo province. Police said the two suspects killed

Nhem Yin, 67, and stole his fake gold necklace and ring.

JUNE 6: Police arrested four drunken gangsters after injuring Yim Sinhao,

20, at 4:30pm in Kakarp commune, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Police said Sinhao

was stabbed in the back with a knife and is now under medical treatment at Preah

Kossamak hospital in Phnom Penh. Police named the four gangsters as Sak Sokhom, 20,

Sip Ny, 22, Sin Channarith, 25, and Kao Chantha, 18. They were angry after Sinhao

refused to drink wine with them.

JUNE 7: An ambulance took Kiry Chakriya, 18, to Preah Kett- omealea hospital

after she was attacked with acid while walking home from Wat Koh secondary school

where she has been studying in Boeng Raing commune, Phnom Penh. A passerby told police

one of two unknown men poured one liter of acid on the head of Chakriya then escaped

on a motorbike. Some rumors said a love affair was the reason of the acid attack.

JUNE 7: Yi Yem, 51, was arrested after injuring a woman, Tum Adiyan, 35, during

an argument at 2:30pm in Peam Raingleu village, Kandal province. Police said the

argument occurred after the woman cursed Yem's dog as it barked at her. Yem was angry

because he misunderstood her and thought she was cursing him. The woman was chopped

three times with an ax and sent to a hospital for treatment.

JUNE 8: Chey Chan, 32, was killed by lightning during an afternoon rain storm

in Prek Chik village, Battambang province. Police said the lightning struck Chan

while sheltering under a mango tree returning from his farm.

JUNE 8: Sok Sereyrouttanak, 24, was sentenced to three years in Prey Sor prison

after Phnom Penh court charged him with extorting money, a crime he committed in

January in Kakarp commune, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Presiding Judge, Sao Meach,

said at the hearing that Sereyrouttanak extorted 35,000 riel from children while

they were playing snooker.

JUNE 8: Chea Narth, 43, was axed and severely injured while arguing with her

husband, Taing Ven, 39, at noon in Spean Tumneap village, Battambang province. Ven

was later arrested and told police that the argument happened after Narth demanded

a divorce. Narth was sent to a district hospital but was later transferred to Thailand

as she was chopped eleven times in the head.

JUNE 9: Kong Naran, 19, was found dead in the early morning behind her house

in Svay Khlaing village, Kampong Cham province. Provincial Police officer, Nor Dina

said Naran was murdered and her neck had been cut with a knife after being raped

the previous night. Dina said Naran was engaged with a man who was going to marry

her in nine days.

JUNE 9: A crowd of people killed Noeu Voeun, 39, who was accused of stealing

chickens at 8:05pm in Yous Chor village, Kampong Speu province. Police said Voeun

was arrested and chopped to death with an ax while he and three other accomplices

were attempting to steal chickens at Sok Seng's house.

JUNE 10: Khchao Song, 42, a gold vendor, was robbed while he was in a car

with his wife and waiting for the front door to open after returning from Samaky

market in Boeng Salaing commune, Phnom Penh. Song told police that four gunmen on

two motorbikes aimed two handguns at him then they took a jewelry bag containing

42 damleung of platinum valued at $20,000.

JUNE 11: Three gunmen robbed a gold vendor, Te Hing, 46, at 1:10pm in Kampong

Khlaing commune, Siem Reap province. Hing said the robbers came to his shop and took

an AK-47 out of a bag, aimed at him, then collected 30 damleung of gold, and 12 damleung

of platinum, and 5 million riels in cash. Before the gunmen escaped, they robbed

another gold vendor, Tiv Vanna, 45, and stole 25 damleung of gold and platinum.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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