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Police Blotter: 17 December 2004

Police Blotter: 17 December 2004


DECEMBER 3: Police arrested Yim Pumchantha, 40, who is accused of

committing a murder six years ago in Phnom Penh. Police said Pumchantha killed a

telephone shop owner, Ung Suymeng, and fled to Romchek Mouy village in

Battambang Province where he was born. Suymeng was kidnapped in Phnom Penh Thmey

Commune and later murdered even after his family paid a $40,000


DECEMBER 3: A suspected murderer, Peak Pin, was arrested

at 7:00 a.m. at his home in Neak Loeung Village, Prey Veng Province. Police said

Pin escaped after he committed a murder during a robbery in 1996. Police are

looking for two other accomplices who were involved in the murder. They are Kan

Kean, 43, and Prich An, 27, who are believed to be hiding at Anlong Ngan

Village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

DECEMBER 4: Sok Kimna,

37, a market vendor, was robbed while returning home on a motorbike in Kampong

Bai Village, Kampot Province. Kimna said two robbers blocked her motorbike and

hit her face with the butt of a handgun then shot once into the air before

stealing a money bag containing 9 million riels, 10 million dong, 50,000 baht,

US$5,000, 30 damleung of gold, and 40 damleung of platinum.


5: Two civilian gunmen escaped on a stolen motorbike after killing a woman

in a robbery at 6:10 a.m. in Lar Ith Village, Kandal Province. A witness said

they killed the woman with a K-54 handgun while she was on a bike driven by her

husband, Song Hen, 24, a teacher at Sambour Meas primary school. Hen said his

wife was shot in the eye after shouting for help.


coffee shop owner, Yoeung Thiha, 25, was axed and severely injured at 7:00 a.m.

in Borey Chulsar Village, Takeo Province. Police said Thiha was chopped twice by

a fisherman, Kau Sambath, 43, who was arrested. Sambath told police he was angry

for waiting too long for the coffee he ordered.


Sopheak, 24, was sent to the provincial hospital for medical treatment after

being knifed during an argument at 9:30 p.m. in Damrey Chornkhlar village,

Kampong Thom Province. Police said Sopheak was stabbed twice in the chest and

the waist while fighting with a neighbor, Chap Tongse, 28, who escaped.

DECEMBER 7: A group of gunmen escaped in a car after an attempted

kidnapping at 5:30 a.m. on Monivong Boulevard in O'Russei 4 Precinct, Phnom

Penh. Police said the bad guys tried to capture Heng Sivheang, 49, the owner of

Heng Chamnol Electric Supplies shop. Sivheang said his wife, Phy Chhayhun, 44,

was shot in the leg with a K-59 handgun after coming to help


DECEMBER 7: Tes Soeung, 60, and his two daughters were

kidnapped while having dinner at 6:00 p.m. in Chong Daung Village, Kampong Thom

Province. Police said five gunmen grabbed the victims and brought them to a

nearby forest, then they demanded 10 million riels ransom. Police are looking

for the kidnapers after they released Soeung to go back home to collect money

for them.

DECEMBER 8: Sean Van, 39, was sent to Preah Kossamak

Hospital for medical treatment after being knifed while drinking wine with seven

neighbors in Prey Thkao Village, Kampong Speu Province. Police said Van was

chopped ten times while arguing with Dia Thear, 28, who was


DECEMBER 8: The body of Kin Kun, 60, was found at a pond

near his farmland in Tuol Pongra Villager, Takeo Province. Police said the man

was reportedly murdered with an AK-47 and his body dumped there after his head

was cut off with a knife. The reason of the killing is not known, but police

suspect revenge was the motivation.

DECEMBER 9: Police are looking

for three robbers who escaped after committing a murder during a robbery at 7:30

p.m. in Prey Samrong Village, Kandal Province. A pupil said the robbers asked a

motodop driver, Thay Chanthy, 24, to stop and cut his throat with a knife, then

they stole his bike while carrying them from Khlaing Romseav to the place where

he was killed.

DECEMBER 9: Police arrested five people after they

committed a robbery in Phnom Penh. Police said one of the five robbers, Nget

Chanboty, 20, a son of a general who works at the Ministry of Interior, tried to

escape after he and other accomplices robbed a telephone shop four days ago.

Police said the five robbers were charged in connection with the robbery but the

general plans to pay $10,000 to release his son.


Police arrested a militia man, Lai Nak, 36, after he committed a murder in

Khsach Krom Village, Koh Kong Province. Police said the man killed Phoeung

Phoeun, 24, with an AK-47 while illegally fishing in the sea.


10: A 24-year-old man, Tor, was found dead in a sack in Poi Pet Commune,

Banteay Meanchey Province. Police said Tor was murdered elsewhere and his body

dropped there the previous night. The reason for the murder was not


DECEMBER 10: Man San, 47, was arrested after being accused

of a rape committed two days earlier in Prey Chamkar Village, Prey Veng

Province. Police said the man raped his niece while she was watching television

at his house. The 14-year-old girl said San threatened to kill her during the


DECEMBER 10: Ouk Ronpisal Piseth, 43, a military medical

worker, committed suicide at Monorom guest house in Srah Chak Commune, Phnom

Penh. Police said Piseth hanged himself after a crisis because he owed money to

his neighbors. Piseth played as a master tontine but some clients didn't pay him

back after they collected money from him.

DECEMBER 11: Chhim

Sarin, 39, was found hanged from a tree in the early morning behind his house in

O'Tanop Village, Battambang Province. A neighbor, Varth Neang, 48, told police

that Sarin was probably murdered and his body hanged there as he told her the

previous day that someone attempted to kill him.


Nhek, 48, was shot dead during an argument in Doeum Beng Village, Takeo

Province. Police said Nhek was shot twice in the chest and the waist with an

AK-47 by her brother, So Sean, 53, who is the chief of a police station of

Prasard Commune. Sean was angry after his sister asked for the salary of her

husband, Bo, who worked as a policeman. Bo had never received his salary since

he worked with Sean.

DECEMBER 11: Chhom Chheang, 25, was found

dead in a rice field in Samrong Teav Village, Phnom Penh. Police said Chheang

was strangled to death with a krama while cutting grass for his cows. Police

suspect revenge was the motivation or the killing because his motorbike was not


DECEMBER 12: A military policeman, Um Englivichit, 43, was

shot and later died at Calmette Hospital after a robbery at 6:20 a.m. while

walking to Boeng Keng Kang Market in Phnom Penh where his wife worked as a gold

vendor. Police said three robbers shot Englivichit three times with a handgun

then escaped after stealing $7,000 worth of jewelry.


A 28-year-old woman, Set Sreypov, was accidentally shot and wounded while

speaking on a telephone at 8:00 p.m. in Stung Meanchey Precinct, Phnom Penh. A

witness said the woman was shot when two groups of gangsters exchanged gunfire

during an argument.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap

and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun Pheap


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