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Police Blotter: 17 June 2005

Police Blotter: 17 June 2005

3: A robber escaped after killing a motorbike taxi driver, Deap Phary,

24, at around 8 a.m. in Srah Chak commune, Phnom Penh. A witness said the robber

hit Phary on the back of the head with a stick then fled on his bike.

JUNE 3: Police are looking for a man who committed a murder during a robbery

at midnight in Khcheay village, Kampot province. Police said Khan Sarom, 41, was

axed four times in the head while sleeping on a bed downstairs, as he had been drunk

earlier in the evening. Sarom's wife, Sin Man, 38, said that the thief went upstairs

and robbed her of one million riel after killing her husband.

JUNE 4: Mom Vouch, 37, was arrested after police found that he had committed

robberies and kidnappings from 1997 and 1999 in Kampot province. A confession from

Vouch a day after his arrest led police to arrest an accomplice, Chum Roang, 39,

and confiscate an AK-47. Police said Vouch and Roang were responsible for three kidnappings

in 1999 and committed robbery three times in 1997 and 1998.

JUNE 5: Police arrested three gunmen after a robbery at 8:50 a.m. on Preah

Meru park in Chey Chumnas commune, Phnom Penh. One of the robbers, identified as

18-year-old Lurn Heang, tried unsuccessfully to escape after aiming a K-54 handgun

at a man sitting in the park and stealing his two mobile phones. Police confiscated

the phones from the thieves and handed them back to the victim.

JUNE 5: Police arrested Chea Saman, 32, and Hem Laing, 43, after 42-year-old

motodop Huon Saroeun shouted for help while being robbed at 9:15 p.m. in Damnak Thom

village, Phnom Penh. Saroeun said the men tried to chop him with a heavy knife and

an ax to kill him for his bike. Saroeun went to Chantrea clinic for treatment for

a wound on his arm.

JUNE 6: A woman, Pin Phal, 32, was sentenced to five years in prison after

being charged in a robbery in Psar Depot 3 commune, Phnom Penh. During the hearing

at Phnom Penh municipal court, Judge Kanhan Sovan said Phal was arrested on 27 December

last year after Sek Narin accused her of using a trick and stealing his motorbike.

Narin said Phal and her two adopted sons persuaded him to her guesthouse and gave

him sex while he was drunk. Narin said that while he was having sex, Phan's adopted

sons took off with Narin's motorbike.

JUNE 6: Poeu Samnang, 38, an activist from the Sam Rainsy Party, was knifed

to death while drinking alcohol with his neighbors at 8:10 p.m. in Samlor Chhao village,

Prey Veng province. A witness said Samnang was stabbed in the bladder with a bayonet

by Kim Yoy, 40, who is believed to be a supporter of the Cambodian People's Party.

The witness said the men argued over a political issue. Yoy tried to escape but was

later arrested.

JUNE 7: Police arrested two people who tried to rob a motodop driver at 4:45

a.m. in Trea village, Phnom Penh. Trey Chanthan, 26, told police that Huon Heng,

35, ordered him to stop to pick up Heng's accomplice, identified as Sarin, 33. Chanthan

said after he stopped the bike, Heng aimed a K-59 handgun at his head and pulled

the trigger once but the gun did not fire.

JUNE 7: A motorbike taxi driver, Lau Lai, 32, was found dead in Tar Ngen village,

Battambang province. Police said Lai had been stabbed in the chest and his throat

cut with a knife. Eng Soeun, 48, was arrested by police because she had been seen

with Lai before the murder on the previous day. Police are looking for two other

people that Soeun said had been involved with robbery and murder of Lai.

JUNE 7: A farmer, Chim Thouk, 50, was taken to a provincial hospital after

being poisoned with insecticide at 11:30 a.m. in Teuk Haut village, Kampong Chhnang

province. His wife said Thouk tried to commit suicide after arguing with her. She

said Thouk was angry because she had bought 200 riel worth of soya milk for herself

but didn't buy any for him.

JUNE 8: A motorbike taxi driver, Mauk Sam Ang, 34, was taken to a provincial

hospital after being found unconscious at 9:30 p.m. in Kauk Meanchey village, Kampong

Speu province. A doctor said Sam Ang had been drugged after smoking two cigarettes

given to him by two passengers who stole his bike. Sam Ang said they were identified

as Doeun and Vy.

JUNE 8: Police killed Var Toeu, 20, and arrested his two accomplices after

an exchange of gunfire during a robbery at 2:45 p.m. in Wat Phnom commune, Phnom

Penh. Police said Toeu was gunned down while he and his accomplices, Phana, 19, and

a 19-year-old girl were trying to escaped on a stolen motorbike. Police took a motorbike

taxi driver accidentally shot and severely wounded during the shootout to Calmette


JUNE 8: Eam Samol, 33, a motorbike taxi driver, was found dead in a cart in

the early morning in Prey Nhoeut village, Kandal province. Police said Samol was

killed elsewhere and his body was moved. Police suspected robbery was the motive

of the murder because his family said that Samol's motorbike was stolen.

JUNE 9: A 21-year-old garment factory worker complained to police after she

was raped the previous day at her guesthouse in Prey Tear village, Phnom Penh. The

woman said that Touch Sophon, 21, raped her after leaving her bathroom at the guesthouse.

Police later arrested Sophon but he denied the rape, saying that the woman agreed

to have sex with him, but then claimed she was being raped when her brother arrived.

JUNE 9: Police came to inspect the body of a motorbike taxi driver, Van Chhay,

36, after he was murdered during a robbsery the previous night in Sre Siem village,

Kampong Cham province. The village chief told police that Chhay was struck with a

rock in the face and on the back of the head while carrying his passenger, who escaped

on Chhay's bike.

JUNE 9: Police are looking for Prum Lai, 52, who escaped after killing his

wife during a domestic dispute at 10:30 p.m. in Anlong Pi village, Siem Reap province.

Police said Lai was angry after his wife, Sim Chan, 31, accused him of stealing 500

riel. Lai killed Chan with a heavy knife and he later cut her head off.

JUNE 9: Hean Tha, 21, was found dead at 6 p.m. at a house in Tonle Bassac

commune, Phnom Penh. Hun Sothy, the inspector of Chamcar Mon District, said Tha had

his arms and legs tied up and that he had been electrocuted. Sothy suspected the

murder involved Mat Vanna, 47, a son of Mat Ly, a member of the National Assembly

from the Cambodian People's Party who died recently from illness. A witness told

police that Vanna had fired his gun in the air when Tha was present to demand ownership

of the villa after his father died.

JUNE 10: Srun Sreang, 25, was sentenced to life in prison after a provincial

court charged him with committing murder in Banky Taing Ren village, Kampong Thom

province. At the hearing, the court said Sreang killed an 8-year-old girl, An Sreyleak,

to silence her after he raped her in December last year.

JUNE 10: Seng Chanpisey, 29, a village security guard, accidentally shot himself

while beating one of two robbers he apprehended at Tuol Pongra village, Banteay Meanchey

province. Rom Saran, 27, a motorbike taxi driver, said he saw Chanpisey try to hit

the thief on the head with a rifle while holding the barrel, but the gun discharged,

shooting Chanpisey in the stomach.

JUNE 11: Sam Hoeung, 36, was robbed while sleeping at his house in Raung village,

Prey Veng province. Hoeung told police that six people broke down his door with an

ax. The intruders threatened him and demanded money and jewelry. Hoeung said the

robbers escaped on foot after collecting a 5-chi gold necklace, a 2-chi gold ring,

platinum earrings and 100,000 riel in cassh.

JUNE 12: Tak Menghong, 18, ran away after killing his father at 2:45 p.m.

in Chrey Vean village, Kampong Cham province. San Sokhey, 41, a mother of Menghong,

told police that her son became angry when he was punched in the face as he tried

to stop his father beating his mother. Police said Tak Chantha, 47, was axed several

times in the head and the face and died instantly.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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