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Police Blotter: 17 March 2000

Police Blotter: 17 March 2000



March 3: Seng, 35, a truck driver, died instantly at 5:40 am while pumping

up a tire which blew up. The incident happened on National Road 4 in the outskirts

of Prey Pring village, Dongkor district. Police said the victim, who works with Khuy

Heang company, was hit on the head with an adjustable spanner while knocking a tire

to test it.

March 4: Nuon Sithay, 35, was found dead in a zoo on Tamao mountain located in

Bati district, Takeo. After inspection, police said the victim, a moto-taxi driver,

was killed seven weeks ago and his body dropped here. The motive for the murder was

not known.

March 5: Yu Den, 45, was shot dead at 6:30 am while stopping three suspected

robbers on a motorbike in Psah Depot 19 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim,

a deputy security chief of Depot market, was shot four times in his stomach, chest,

and throat with a handgun. The assailants escaped safely.

March 5: Sok Soeun, 25, was stabbed and seriously injured in a quarrel at

10:50 pm while wooing a Vietnamese girl in Psah Kandal 1 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police

said the victim, who is an official with the Ministry of Interior's Intervention

Department, was stabbed twice by two of nine gangsters who fought to take the girl.

March 5: An 18-year-old girl, Chum Heang, was sent to Calmette hospital at

10:15 am after suffering acid burns in Phoum Thmey precinct, Mean Chey district,

Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, a Vietnamese prostitute, had her face destroyed

by another prostitute, Da, who was angry when Chum Heang attracted her customers.

March 5: Chun Sao, 29, a moto-taxi driver, died instantly in an accident at

9:30 am while carrying a passenger on a local road in Sleng Kong village, Kandal

Steung district, Kandal. Police said Chun, married with two children, was hit by

a tractor while overtaking.

March 6: Mao Kosal, 22, who police say was an activist from a human rights

organization, was shot dead at 6:30 pm by authorities after he and his accomplice

tried to rob a motorbike in Teuk Laak 1 precinct, Toul Kak district. Police said

another unidentified robber was captured and beaten to death by villagers while he

was hiding in a house after the incident.

March 6: Yieu Sai, 61, a construction material shop owner, was robbed at midnight

while sleeping in Kbal Domrey village, Dongkor district, outskirts. Police said three

unknown men aimed an AK-47 at his chest and tied his hands behind his back. The robbers

escaped with $140 and some jewelry.

March 6: A 37-year-old Muslim, Hak Man, was shot dead at 11:00 pm while sleeping

in Domnak Popeal village, Tbaung Khmum district, Kampong Cham. Police said the victim

was shot once in his chest with an AK-47 by an unidentified man. The assailant escaped

safely. The motivation for the killing is not known.

March 6: Math Slatin, 36, a slaughter-house owner, and his cousin Math Ly,

20, were kidnapped at 3:30 pm while buying a cow in Bati district, Takeo. Police

said the victims were captured by unidentified men who demanded $20,000 ransom.

March 7: Touch Makara, 24, a moto-taxi driver, was shot with a K-54 handgun

and seriously wounded at night while parking to collect money from two passengers

in Toul Sleng prison precinct. Police said the victim was shot twice in his stomach

by the above passengers who stole his motorbike. The victim was sent to Calmette


March 7: Hor Saven, 23, was arrested for a murder she is accused of committing

two years ago in O'Russei 4 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said Tan Bunheng, 48, a

hair dresser, was shot dead while riding a motorbike toward his house. Saven, who

is a younger sister-in-law of the victim, escaped to Sihanoukville after the killing.

March 7: A 36-year-old moto-taxi driver, Chhoeun, was shot dead at 7:15 pm while

riding slowly in front of the entrance of a seven-floor hotel in Sihanoukville. Police

said the victim was shot twice from behind by an unidentified robber who tried to

steal his motorbike. The robber escaped empty-handed after authorities came to intervene.

March 8: Sun Tam, 48, was chopped and beaten to death by villagers at 2:00 pm

after robbing a moto-taxi driver in the outskirts of Prey Sor precinct, Dongkor district.

Police said the victim, Im Sokha, 31, was hit from behind on his head with a hammer

and seriously injured while carrying the above robber.

March 8: Ien Savuth, Oeun Vanhoeun and Chea Proung, were arrested by police

after stealing a one-chi platinum necklace in Kbal Tumnop precinct, Mean Chey district,

Phnom Penh. Police said Huol Vutha, 16, was beaten until he lost consciousness while

returning from Doeum Thkau junior high school. The robbers received 27,000 riel from

selling the necklace.

March 9: San Sary, 31, was beaten and seriously injured at 6:30 am in a

quarrel in Psah Doeum Kor precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, a vegetable

seller, was hit on his head with a hammer by a 39-year-old cyclo driver, Prum Chhang,

who came from Svay Rieng province. The assailant was arrested. The victim was expected

to die as his head had massive injuries.

March 9: Nop Sopheak, 18, was arrested while singing a song at a Karaoke shop

in Chatomuk commune, Daun Penh district. Police said the capture came after the victim's

family complained to the court three days after a robbery. Touch Makara, 24, a moto-taxi

driver, was shot and seriously wounded by Sopheak who stole his motorbike.

March 9: A couple, Bun Ny, 45, and Hin Nay, 49, were kidnapped at 9:10 am

while they were in a Nissan car going to a festival ceremony in a Santuk mountain

precinct, Kampong Thom. Police said that Bun Ny was released later by six kidnappers

who had a B-40 and two AK-47s. The kidnappers demanded $4,000 ransom for giving back

the victim's wife.

March 10: A 30-year-old woman was shot dead in the early morning while she was

on a boat in Piem Koh village, Piem Ror district, Prey Veng. Police said the victim,

who is a private importer of goods from Vietnam into Phnom Penh, was shot once in

her chest and died instantly. The motivation for the killing is not known.

March 10: The body of a 31-year-old man, Hin Chanthol, was found in a pond

under the Poeu Sothea guest house in Tumnop Toul Kak precinct, Phnom Penh. After

inspection, police suspected that the victim, who was naked, was murdered in the

above guest house and his body dropped there. The motive for the killing was not


March 12: Three people died in an accident at 4:00 am while sleeping on the

railway in Romdoul village, Bati district, Takeo. Police said the victims, Chieu

Ly, 16, Phoeun Phal, 18, and Pen Phoeun, 17, were hit by a train after returning

from watching a play in Trapaing Thlong village, a long distance away.

March 12: A 40-year-old cyclo driver, Yim, was beaten to death in a dispute at

10:30 am while drinking wine in Psah Chas precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said Yim was

hit with a long stick by his friend, Vy, who was beating his wife and became angry

when Yim stopped him.

March 13: Sngoun Sau, 34, was stabbed and seriously injured at 4:30 pm in

a quarrel in Doeum Chan village, Mean Chey district, outside the city. Police said

the victim, a construction worker, was stabbed once in his stomach with a knife by

his wife, Tieng Kia, 30, a fruit seller, because he was beating her.


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