Police Blotter: 17 May 2013

Police Blotter: 17 May 2013

Man breaks wedding vows, blames alcohol
A drunken Dangkor district newlywed attempted to sever his matrimonial bonds with a cleaver on Tuesday in Phnom Penh. According to police, the man, 20, had been married no more than a week when he was out drinking and his wife asked him to come home. He refused, but she persisted, prompting him to chase her home and terrorise her and her father with a cleaver. They escaped, and called the police. The man reportedly confessed to the outburst, saying he was too drunk to control himself.  Kampuchea thmey  

Teens busted for meth in inner-city drug hovel
A months-long meth bender finally came to an end for five males, aged 13 to 18, on Wednesday in the capital’s Meanchey district. Police said they raided a building on a tip from authorities, who had seen the suspicious-looking men coming and going. Police seized 13 small packages of crystal meth and assorted paraphernalia. The suspects reportedly confessed to frequently gathering there to get high. Koh santepheap

Cat-napping truck driver in Siem Reap smash-up
A dozing driver severely injured himself and three others when his gasoline tanker rammed into an oncoming car in Siem Reap province’s Prasat Bakong district yesterday. According to police, the man was asleep when the tanker drifted into the second car and veered off the road. The driver of the car and his wife along with the truck driver and his assistant all sustained severe injuries and were hospitalised. Police blamed the truck driver’s inattention. Nokorwat

Highway cowboys jack and attack joyriders
Thieves cold-cocked two motorbike riders and made off with their steed on Tuesday night in Kampong Chhnang’s Rolea Ba’ier district. Police said the pair was riding home when three men on another moto blocked their way. The assailants knocked out the two victims, before driving off on their motorbike. A villager reported the incident, and the two men were sent to hospital. The suspects are still at large. Nokorwat

Hitchhiking youngster catches ride to hospital
A 10-year-old boy was badly injured on Tuesday in Kampong Chhnang province when he fell off of a homemade tractor. Police said the boy was playing when the tractor passed and he tried to hop on board for a laugh. Unfortunately, he slipped as he climbed onto the back, hitting his head on the ground and landing himself in hospital. The driver said that with the noise of the engine, he hadn’t even realised it happened until minutes later when a bystander flagged him down. Nokorwat

Translated by Phak Seangly